Cloud plugin in TC use the Seattle datacenter too?

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Cloud plugin in TC use the Seattle datacenter too?

Post by *FrenX »

I've installed the cloud plugin and can successfully connect to OneDrive for Business/Home.
The upload speed is 2MB/s. That's exactly the same as when using FileZilla Pro.
Part of FileZilla's configuration is entering the address of a MS OneDrive server.
That server is located in Seattle, the other side of the world for me. That's while there is a OneDrive datacenter in the city where I live.

So my question, does TC use the Seattle datacenter too? Or is simply that MS capped the upload speed at 2MB/s

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Re: Cloud plugin

Post by *Usher »

TC Cloud plugin uses Internet Explorer libs and domain addresses rather than any hardcoded IP address (you can check files left in Temporary Internet Files - the cache of your IE). Domain names are resolved by your DNS providers, and request parameters from URL are proceeded by the target OneDrive server. It means that you may be redirected to datacenter nearest (in terms of ping time rather than physical distance) to your location, nearest to your DNS provider, finally - to datacenter with the least load. In some cases it may be even Seattle.

I don't think that the plugin limits upload speed (though I'm not sure about download speed). If your connection is fast enough, upload speed depends on the server side and may be greater if you upload larger file or more files simultaneously (AFAIK Cloud plugin doesn't support parallel uploads).

It's a very short and incomplete explanation, so it may be inaccurate in details.
Regards from Poland
Andrzej P. Wozniak

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Re: Cloud plugin in TC use the Seattle datacenter too?

Post by *rianno »

First of all, great this Cloud plugin.

I've tried to upload a file to my Onedrive business account and it worked. And, I, too, had problem of speed.

With TC, a 50 MB file took 2 mins to be uploaded.

The same file, with a transfer from Windows 7 window Onedrive-opened in Chrome-it took 17 seconds to be uploaded.

It seems there is some upload speed limitation.

What do you think?

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