Swap the panels, if one panel shows search result

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Swap the panels, if one panel shows search result

Post by *Slavic »

Currently we can swap the panels (Ctrl+U) only if they show the regular content of the file system. However, if we performed a search in one panel, swap of the result with another panel is not possible. Sometimes it may be useful, especially if we opened several windows on the desktop and a part of TC window may be hidden behind the others: we need to look at the result and do something else in another program. I think there is no much difference between swapping the normal file list and search result, the panels are essentially the same, only the sources of data are different.
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Re: Swap the panels, if one panel shows search result

Post by *petermad »

I have also missed that feature from time to time - swapping with a searvh result in one panel is currently simply prohobited.

But it will only make sense if the View mode is swapped too. Currently when swapping panels it is only the directory that is swapped - not the View mode (Full, Brief, Thumbnail, Comments, Custom Columns) nor the Sort Order is swapped. Maybe it is time for an option to swap these things too...
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