The Best Way To Clean Your Carpet With A Vacuum Cleaner

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The Best Way To Clean Your Carpet With A Vacuum Cleaner

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Most people are already familiar with using a vacuum to remove dirt and dust from carpets. But compared to hard flooring, there are some important considerations you should keep in mind to protect your floors and get the best cleaning results.

Get The Right Vacuum

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. Due to the varied cleaning needs of customers, manufacturers have put out a whole host of different vacuum designs onto the market. This includes handhelds, robotic models, canisters, and uprights. And there are other categories like bagged or bagless models as well.

There are plenty of factors determining whether a specific vacuum can clean well on a type of floor or not. If you are buying a brand-new vacuum, make sure that it is compatible with the carpeted flooring you have at home. And vice versa, read the label of a carpet when shopping so you can know for sure your current vacuum can handle it.

For example, many carpets sold these days are labeled “soft”, meaning they need different requirements when it comes to vacuuming compared to traditional cut-pile products.

If you happen to have a centralized system (Central Vac) installed in your home, it usually allows you to use different attachments depending on the floor type. Choose the correct tool for your carpet.

CRI Approval

In addition to the common properties of vacuums, models for carpets benefit from a separate labeling system created for them by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). The purpose of this system is to help customers select the proper vacuum for their carpets by assessing the performance of several models.

The organization uses three criteria to create the ranking: carpet appearance retention, dust containment, and soil removal. A vacuum will be awarded a seal of approval from CRI when it meets its standards on those criteria.

Rotating Brushes

Many vacuum cleaners come with a rotating brush called the beater bar. The job of this brush is to loosen imprinted soil in the carpet fibers by agitating them. The downside of this approach is it may be helpful in some carpet types (like cut-pile) but can damage others.

Loop pile carpets, for example, should not be used with a rotating brush, which can loosen the carpet fibers and cause a fuzzy look to the loops. Additionally, when small strands of fiber are pulled loose, they can wrap around the rotating brush and create a run on the carpet.

The popular frieze carpeting style comes with long fibers that have a high twist. This makes these carpets vulnerable to a rotating brush, particularly when it becomes entangled with the long pile fibers. Additionally, you should never use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar to clean carpets made from natural materials like wool.

The same problems can happen if any member of your family has long hair. For best results, have a look at the Best vacuum for long human hair.

If you happen to own those types of carpets, always avoid models with a rotating brush, or at least buy a vacuum that can allow you to turn it off. In this mode, it only uses suction to pick up debris.

Adjustable Height

Height-adjustable vacuums are a good idea too. It's a common feature in many recent models, which makes it easier to vacuum several flooring types using the same vacuum.

Besides other floors like hardwood, different carpets may also demand different cleaning head heights so the vacuum can maintain suction and airflow. Follow the recommendations of your vacuum's manufacturer to select the right height for your particular carpet type.

If you need to learn more about vacuum cleaners, check out our guide, Different types of vacuum cleaners everything you need to know

Use The Right Cleaning Technique

Remove Potential Obstacles

Before going ahead with the vacuuming, walk through your room and look for objects that may get sucked up into your vacuum and clog it, such as paper clips, coins, toy pieces, etc. Pick them up by hand so your vacuum won't run into those objects later, avoiding the possibility of getting damaged.

Don't Vacuum To Fast

When vacuuming carpets, don't rush. Maneuver the cleaning head slowly, even if it can be tempting to pass it back and forth quickly so you can speed up the vacuuming and deal with a whole host of other duties and chores.

However, if you don't provide the vacuum with enough time to go through the carpet fibers and pick up everything it can, your carpet may not be as clean as it should be.

Move the vacuum in one direction and run it back slowly. When moving on to the next area, create a small overlap section with the area you just cleaned. The edges of a vacuum head are usually where the suction and brush action is weakest, and this technique can make up for it.

Continue vacuuming your carpet section by section until you've covered the whole area. If you want a more thorough clean, repeat the entire process in another direction. For example, if you just vacuumed your carpet in an east-west motion, go north-south right afterward. It's not always necessary, but double vacuuming can make sure you have a deep clean on some occasions.

Empty It Often

Make sure that you always empty your vacuum bags or canisters when they get full. When these parts start filling up, they will reduce your vacuum's suction power and make your efforts less effective. Don't wait until the bag or canister can't take any more dust. It's a good idea to empty them when they get around three-quarters full.

Utilize The Correct Attachments

Vacuums nowadays come with a wide range of extra tools that you can use to clean upholstery or hard-to-reach areas. Make use of them so you can get as much dirt out of your carpeted flooring.

Upholstery attachments are designed to work on area rugs that should never be cleaned with a rotating brush, such as ones made from silk or wool. Attach an upholstery tool into your vacuum and gently glide it over your rug.

Cut pile synthetic rugs can be vacuumed with a beater bar. However, be mindful of it when you reach the edges of your rug. Opt for an attachment instead so you won't fray the fibers.

Carpeted stairs are usually too small for a standard full-sized upright. And even if you have a smaller model, maneuvering a regular vacuum on stairs is always tricky. The best way to deal with them is to rely on a hose attachment.


There are plenty of things you should keep in mind when it comes to vacuuming carpets. Some wrong choices and careless cleaning can damage your carpets beyond repair. Make sure that you always have the right tool (like what TheKingLive usually recommends) and know the right technique to keep your carpets in good condition all the time.
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