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LOADLIST doesn't sort by name

Posted: 2021-10-11, 13:05 UTC
by Horst.Epp
The LOADLIST command can only sort by name if all list entries are on the same dir level.
For a list of file names with different pathes you never get a sort by name.
The only possible correct sort is primary by path and 2nd by name.
I want to see on which pathes the same file name exists and its not possible this way.

Other file managers sort such lists by name without problem.
The Loadlist command needs several corrections to make it realy usefull.

Re: LOADLIST doesn't sort by name

Posted: 2021-10-11, 14:06 UTC
by nsp
The default name column sort by path+name as you discovered.

You can use a custom view add columns with, tc.fullname,... and then sort as usual to match your need !
Loadlist work fine and is like search result list. You can enhance it with custom view to match your sorting needs.
What i miss is the ability to remove the normal name/ext columns but that is another story ;)