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Total Commander 3.50 for Android download links

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Here are the download links of the latest Total Commander APK files (unrestricted version with included apk installer):
direct download (combined installer)

Individual APK files by processor type:

Note: We now also offer a standalone installer if you prefer to use Total Commander from the Play Store.

Plugins: download page

F-Droid repositories:
There are two repositories which can be added to the F-Droid app to get automatic updates. One repository contains the latest release versions (no beta versions), and the other just the beta versions (no release versions). Please add both if you want to receive also beta versions (not just just the beta repository).

3.50 final (2024-03-27)
Context menu: Remember last "Open with"/"Send to" option chosen by the user, and show it in the context menu
- Editor: Let the user open text files of any size after showing a warning "Out of memory" with option "Retry"
- Media Player: New context menu items to share tracks (Send to)
- Show album covers for music files as thumbnails in main program (optional)
- File list: Show size with more digits where possible
- Context menu: The “Send to”/“Open with” dialogs now allow you to set bookmarks for frequently used apps (shown at the very top).
- Bugfixes
3.42 final (2023-05-29)
- USB drives could appear twice in "open" dialog
- Get BLUETOOTH permission also on Android 12 (bug in some devices)
- Sharing files from other app set wrong path
- Languages other than English didn't work any more
- Drag file list down to reload (like a browser)
- Home folder: New context menu item to eject or deactivate drive
- Tap on current path to edit/copy/paste it.
- The search can now be started from the home folder
- Dark mode in HTML help
- Bugfixes
3.41 final (2023-01-15)
- Always show "Open with" context menu item even if the file type has no associated apps
- Send shell commands to the SFTP plugin via a button with "Send shell commands" option
- Get confirmation before reading the list of installed apps by request from Google
- Make the user accept the privacy policy at program start
3.40 final (2022-12-19)
- Bugfixes
- Media player: improved jumping backward/forward
3.40b5 (2022-12-01):
- Media player: Multiple taps on the left/right quarter of the screen jumps back/forward by x seconds
- File background copy notifications: User-configured sounds no longer worked
3.40b4 (2022-08-15):
- Disable thumbnails in file picker dialog when they are disabled in main Total Commander configuration
- Fixed crashes on Android 7.x when trying to use any file function
3.40b3 (2022-08-09):
- Updated to Android 13 functions
3.40b2 (2022-05-18):
- Bugfixes to Media Player functions
- Updated to Android 12 functions
- Support for new default media player notification (configurable)
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