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While Windows 64 is able to run 32-bit programs Total Commander should run as usual without limitations.

Currently a 64-bit version of Total Commander is not available.

That is because Borland has not yet published a Delphi 64-bit version nor is a 64-bit compiler available. That were a pre-condition because Total Commander is programmed in Delphi.

Most plugins are 32-bit DLLs so the programmers should have to write 64-bit versions, too. (What couldn't be expected since almost all plugins are freeware). Neverthless, in the transitional stage without working plugins the Total Commander would be not very useful for most of the user.

Besides, a 64-bit version would inflate the size of Total Commander without adding any functionality. Currently a filemanager could not derive a speed benefit from higher performance of a 64-bit system. So you could use a 32-bit version without disadvantages.

No Access to the 64-bit system folder?

For security reasons the access to the system folder (Windows\System32) for all 32-bit applicatios is denied. Windows redirects those calls to Windows\SysWow64 so Total Commander could only display this folder.

So, considerable differences occur between the display of Windows\system32 in Explorer and Total Commander regardless wich display options of Total Commander are set.

TC not displaying files in System32\Drivers on WinXP x64

Use Symbolic Link (junction):

In the English forum a workaround has been discussed how to access the Windows\System32\ with a junction:

64 bit.

Turning Redirection Off in TC 7.0

TC 7.0 introduced a new experimental wincmd.ini key (the [Configuration] section):


If it is set to 1, TC turns the system redirection off, but it turns it on temporarily when a plugin is loaded, so that it could load all the necessary 32-bit DLLs.

Note: Some plugins load DLLs in runtime, using LoadLibrary WinAPI function. TC cannot detect such loading, so these plugins will not work when the system redirection is turned off. If you are a plugin author, please, write Christian Ghisler for a replacement LoadLibrary function which fixes this problem!

TC Buttonbar under Windows Vista

Under Windows Vista the Buttonbar may be shown incorrectly or incomplete. Microsoft has removed support for 16-bit DLLs from the next Windows version. Unfortunately, this affected also the ICL icon libraries used by TC.

The new TC versions (TC 6.55 and TC 7.0) use new 32-bit DLLs with icons. If you are using an older TC version you may download the original DLL converted to 32-bit:

Discussion on the English Forum: Windows Vista build 5270 & TCM 6.54a.

Discussion on the German Forum: TC Buttonfehler unter Windows Vista... wieso?

Discussion on the German Forum: Ordner und Dateien unter Vista 32 werden nicht angezeigt (Button "Compatibililty files" for TC)

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