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This script helps close or minimize different windows with the Esc key. The script needs a config file:


Each line contains the method and window name separated by a tab. The methods are:

C Close the window using WinClose

M Minimize the window using WinMinimize

P Minimize the window using PostMessage

The window names can be the title and the string ahk_class followed by the window class name, see the AutoHotkey help, anything else followed by a tab can be used as comment.

For example:

C	Filealyzer ahk_class TformMain
C	Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
P	ahk_class StrongDC++	StrongDC++
P	ahk_class Afx:400000:b:10013:6:580ad1	NetTransport
M	8x8 Standard - Table	VOG game
C	ahk_class HH Parent	HTML Help

; Esc (Close or minimize some windows)
	SetTitleMatchMode 2

	; Make sure that Alt is not pressed (prevents Alt-Tab - Esc problem)
	if GetKeyState( "Alt" )
	; Make sure that LButton is not pressed (prevents Drag - Esc problem)
	if GetKeyState( "LButton" )

	loop Read, CloseList.txt
		StringSplit aCloseListLine, A_LoopReadLine, %A_Tab%
		if WinActive( aCloseListLine2 )
			if (aCloseListLine1 = "C")
				WinClose A
			if (aCloseListLine1 = "M")
				WinMinimize A
			if (aCloseListLine1 = "P")
				PostMessage 0x112, 0xF020,,, A


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