AutoHotkey: Copy Selection To Clipboard In Lister

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Text you select in the lister is automatically copied to clipboard.

; Adjust the lines Send, {RBUTTON}c to match the menu shortcut for Ctrl-C in your language file,
; for example Send, {RBUTTON}k when using a German LNG-file.
; This shortcut can be found in the languagefile %Commander_path%\language\WCMD_***.LNG
; in the line that begins with 5921=
; German: WCMD_DEU.LNG
; 5921="Als Text &kopieren"
; Send, {RBUTTON}k.
; French: WCMD_FRA.LNG
; 5921="Copier comme &texte"
; Send, {RBUTTON}t.

~LButton Up::
Sleep 250
If (WinActive("Lister -") AND A_Cursor="IBeam")
  Send, {RBUTTON}c

If WinActive("Lister -")
  Send, ^c

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