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TC FavMenu 1.0 beta07					 
	for Windows XP & 2K 

This is Total Commander utility. 
It will make TC favorites available in the system.
It will also make TC Favorites to become Open/Save dialog enhancer (for standard dialogs)

You can run application either by starting .exe or .ahk. 
To run .ahk, you must have AutoHotKey installed  (
Make sure you have something in the TC Favorites menu before starting the script.

- Full TC favorites. Possible items in the menu are:

  1. PATH:		cd <path>
  2. PLUGIN:		cd <\\\plugin>
  3. PSEUDOVARIABLE:	cd %$var%\path.. (see TC help for more info about pseudovariables)
  4. EXECUTABLE:	<path_to_exec>	(may contain pseudovariables or environment variables)

  			  %$WINDOWS%\System32\Notepad.exe  (TC doesn't support this pseudovar)
			  %w%%s%%n%	     (where w=C:\windows, s=\system32, n=notepad.exe)
			  %UTILS%\Edit Plus\Editplus.exe "c:\boot.ini" "c:\1.txt"
			  c:\boot.ini (will be resolved via associations)

			NOTE: Script support more pseudovariables then TC. See pseudo.ahk for
			      full list.

- Enter (on menu item):
    * Open/Save dialog is active (commctrl32.dll dialogs)
      If selection was:
	PATH	   :	change the path in the dialog
	PLUGIN	   :	open or activate TC
	EXECUTABLE :	run the application

    * Any other window is active: open or activate TC

- CTRL + Enter (on menu item):
  Open Properties dialog with selected item. Move around with buttons. You can change 
  title, command and set icon. Icons are 12x12 with first pixel holding transparent color.
  Press Save on every individual item to save changes. It is much faster to use this dialog
  then TC's editor for single item change.

- SHIFT + Enter (on menu item):
  Open selected item in new TC tab

- Setup dialog
  On first run, Setup dialog will search for TC location in the registry and if not found it will
  also try %COMMANDER_PATH% environment variable. If TC still can not be found, you will 
  have to specify full paths to totalcmd.exe and wincmd.ini yourself. You can set hotkey
  here and menu position.

  Later, you can call this Setup dialog via the tray menu. You can delete setup and force
  autodetection, with "Delete Config" item.

  If you want to run TC with parameters, create shortcut to TotalCmd.exe, (.lnk), then edit
  shortcut properties to add desired parameters. In setup dialog, specify this lnk file as 
  TC executable.

- If TC is open, current left & right folders will be displayed at first 2 positions.
  If they are the same only 1 will be visible.
  If menu is called with TC active, this will not be displayed.

- Menu is refreshed on every call, so when you update your Favorites in TC changes will be 
  seen immediately.


- If you have empty sub menus, script will not work.

- Menu is collected from wincmd.ini [DirMenu] section. Format of this menu is:

	  menuN = <title>
	  cmdN	= cd <path|plugin|pseudovarialbe>   |   executable
  While building the menu, section will be iterated sequentially up to the first menuX item 
  that doesn't exist. If, for some reason, your TC menu has "hole" in a sequence, script
  will rise errors or will not display the complete menu. 
  This menu, for instance will not work good:

  To make sure your menu is not messed-up, open TC Favorites configuration and click OK
  button. TC will rebuild the menu sequentially. If you still have problems, delete
  everything (backup wincmd.ini first) and create your menu again. And if you still
  have problems (very unlikely), visit developing forum to report this.

  If you have any other mistakes in menu syntax script will not work. 

- Win9x systems are not and will not be tested. If it works, cool, but if not, 
  don't ask anything. 


- Settings to include desired non-standard windows, by your choice.
  Like Office dialogs, Start->Run, console, and basicly anything you would like to paste
  the path into.

- History list on another hotkey, or like another special menu item.

- HotKey to enable/disable the script.

- Settings in ini file for portability.

- Editor so to avoid TC's own slow editor.


Created by Miodrag Milic 
in AutoHotKey <>
using Windows XP Pro

homepage:   |   |

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