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Version 6.53

Total Commander can be called with one or two directories as command line parameters. This will set these directories in one or both of the file windows. This allows you to create multiple icons for Total Commander in progman or the start menu, which start Total Commander in different directories or even with packed files. Furthermore a different ini file than the default wincmd.ini can be specified to allow multiple users on the same machine to have different settings in Total Commander.


totalcmd.exe [/o] [/n] [Drive1:\Directory1 [Drive2:\Directory2]] [/i=name.ini] [/f=ftpname.ini]
totalcmd.exe [/o] [/n] [/L=Drive1:\Directory1] [/R=Drive2:\Directory2] [/i=name.ini] [/f=ftpname.ini]


Loads the first directory passed to Total Commander into the left window, and the second into the right window.
Directory names containing spaces must be put in double quotes! Always specify the full path name including the drive!
If Total Commander is already running, activate it and pass the path(s) in the command line to that instance (overrides the settings in the configuration dialog to have multiple windows)
Opens in any case a new Total Commander window (overrides the settings in the configuration dialog to allow only one copy of Total Commander at a time)
Set path in left window
Set path right window
Interprets the passed dirs as source/target instead of left/right (for usage with /O). For example, a dir passed with /R= will be interpreted as the target dir.
Opens the passed dir(s) in new tab(s) (for usage with /O)
Sets the active panel at program start: /P=L left, /P=R right. Overrides wincmd.ini option ActiveRight=0.

Unfortunately this does not work with the Parameter /O currently.

Use a different INI file name.ini instead of wincmd.ini to save settings (see also: INI file description).
Use a different INI file name.ini instead of wcx_ftp.ini to save settings for built-in FTP client.
Delays the start of Total Commander by <x> seconds (meant for the startup folder, if there are problems with other programs, which start at the same time)
(Windows NT/2000 only) Install parallel port driver - only needed if you want to use the parallel port connection as a normal user and not as an administrator. Needs to be run as an administrator.
(Windows NT/2000 only) Removes the driver installed with the switch /INSTALLDRIVER
(Windows NT/2000 only) Install parallel port driver without error message, e.g. for a remote install script.
(Windows NT/2000 only) Removes the driver without error message.

The switches are NOT case sensitive.


totalcmd.exe c:\windows left window is loaded with c:\windows
totalcmd.exe d:\data c:\programs left: d:\data, right: c:\programs
totalcmd.exe /R=d:\data right window: d:\data
totalcmd.exe "d:\Letters to Mr. Smith" left: long name -> in double quotes!
totalcmd.exe /R="d:\Letters from Miller" right window loaded with long name
totalcmd.exe c:\data\ opens in the left window
totalcmd.exe /I=Miller.ini /F=MFtp.ini use Miller.ini instead of wincmd.ini for all settings, and MFtp.ini for FTP
totalcmd.exe /O /L=c:\ /R="d:\doc" Activate already running Total Commander and set the left path to c:\, and the right path to d:\doc
totalcmd.exe /O /S /R=c:\somepath Open c:\somepath in the current TARGET panel of the running program.

Explanation: /S causes Total Commander to read /L as source and /R as target directory instead of left and right.

totalcmd.exe /O /T /L=c:\somepath Open a new directory tab on the left side of the already running Total commander with c:\somepath in it.

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