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ConfigurePacker gets called when the user clicks the Configure button from within "Pack files..." dialog box in Totalcmd.

 void __stdcall ConfigurePacker (HWND Parent, HINSTANCE DllInstance);


Usually, you provide a user with a dialog box specifying a method and/or its parameters that should be applied in the packing process. Or, you just want to display a message box about what your plugin is, just like Christian Ghisler’s DiskDir does.

  • In order to help you with a feedback, you can use a window handle of Totalcmd process, Parent. That is, you make your dialog box a child of Parent.
  • When creating a window, you may also need handle of the DLL (your DLL) that creates your dialog box, DllInstance.

You may decide not to implement this function. Then, make sure you omit PK_CAPS_OPTIONS from return values of GetPackerCaps.

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