Copy/move multiple filenames into one leads to concatenation

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According to current functionality, trying to copy/move multiple marked filenames into a single one pops-up error window You cannot move or copy more than one file to a single file!.

Instead, confirmation box You are merging NNN files into single file 'filename.ext'. Continue? [Yes]/[No] could appear.

Order of concatenation responds to currently selected file sort, maybe another Copy/Move options are taken into account.

Confirmation could be turned off in Options dialog, Misc. section.

Implementation alternatives - Functionality can be restricted either to files inside single directory only or also files in marked subfolders could be concatenated.

Currently I always must assemble command line copy filename1 + filename2 + filename3 targetfilename. In various administration tasks cat is one of commonly used commands - so why not implement it? Current funtionality basically allows to merge only filenames created using Split function.

--Miroslav.vrlik 02:58, 12 Apr 2006 (EST)

If the feature would be implemented, I would like to have the option to define for which file type the user is asked. For example, for .exe or .dll files, it doesn't make sense to concatenate them.

--ThomasMuders 10:18, 11 August 2008 (EDT)

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