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A workspace is a set of options (profile) which can be stored (and later loaded) with a unique name. A workspace would include the following properties:

  • A mask which defines which properties are actually stored in the workspace profile. Only stored options wil be restored when loading the workspace .
  • The current view
  • The file list separator position
  • horizontal / vertical file list orientation
  • A custom view (filter)
  • The sort order

Workspace by directory

The user would assign a workspace to the current directory. This would result in loading the workspace whenever the current directory is entered. Automatic saving of a workspace by directory wouldn't be a good solution. Options would include:

  • Also in subdirectory (recursive). Load view also for all subdirectories
  • Placeholders can be used in the path name so the path will match for similar directories
  • An option which defines if the view is still displayed even if the user changed to another non-matching directory or if the default workspace is loaded.

The list of workspaces by directory would be a hierarchical list to avoid ambivalences.

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