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GetPackerCaps tells Totalcmd what features your packer plugin supports.

int __stdcall GetPackerCaps();


Implement GetPackerCaps to return a combination of the following values:

Constant Value Description
PK_CAPS_NEW 1 Can create new archives
PK_CAPS_MODIFY 2 Can modify existing archives
PK_CAPS_MULTIPLE 4 Archive can contain multiple files
PK_CAPS_DELETE 8 Can delete files
PK_CAPS_OPTIONS 16 Has options dialog
PK_CAPS_MEMPACK 32 Supports packing in memory
PK_CAPS_BY_CONTENT 64 Detect archive type by content
PK_CAPS_SEARCHTEXT 128 Allow searching for text in archives created with this plugin
PK_CAPS_HIDE 256 Don't show packer icon, don't open with Enter but with Ctrl+PgDn

  • Omitting PK_CAPS_NEW and PK_CAPS_MODIFY means PackFiles will never be called and so you don’t have to implement PackFiles.
  • Omitting PK_CAPS_MULTIPLE means PackFiles will be supplied with just one file.
  • Leaving out PK_CAPS_DELETE means DeleteFiles will never be called;
  • Leaving out PK_CAPS_OPTIONS means ConfigurePacker will not be called.
  • PK_CAPS_MEMPACK enables the functions StartMemPack, PackToMem and DoneMemPack.
  • If PK_CAPS_BY_CONTENT is returned, Totalcmd calls the function CanYouHandleThisFile when the user presses Ctrl+PageDown on an unknown archive type.
  • If PK_CAPS_SEARCHTEXT is returned, Total Commander will search for text inside files packed with this plugin. This may not be a good idea for certain plugins like the diskdir plugin, where file contents may not be available.
  • Finally, if PK_CAPS_HIDE is set, the plugin will not show the file type as a packer. This is useful for plugins which are mainly used for creating files, e.g. to create batch files, avi files etc. The file needs to be opened with Ctrl+PgDn in this case, because Enter will launch the associated application.

Important note:

If you change the return values of this function, e.g. add packing support, you need to reinstall the packer plugin in Total Commander, otherwise it will not detect the new capabilities.

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