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(The most complete history starting from version 1.00d)
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The recent changes of Total Commander you can always find in the file HISTORY.TXT in the program installation folder. If you are interested in earlier releases you should have a look here:
'''History''' may refer to:
=== The most complete history starting from version 1.00d ===
* [[History of Total Commander]]
*[http://www.totalcmd.net/download.php?id=FullTCHistory FullTCHistory] (maintained by [[User:pdavit]])
* [[Directory history]] - An internal function of Total Commander.
* [[List of changes]] - History of changes of Total Commander.
=== The official full history starting from version 3.00 ===
* [http://www.ghisler.com/history.txt Full HISTORY.TXT]
Back to [[About]]
[[Category:General information]]

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History may refer to: