Ignore Source Code Control System Meta Files/Dirs

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When synchronizing a local folder tree under source code control e.g. CVS (Concurrent Versions System) or SVN (Subversion) with a remote FTP server then typically the meta data folders (CVS or .svn respectively) don't need to be put onto the server. To exclude these at compare time you may use a filter '*.* | CVS\' or '*.* | .svn\' or even '*.* | CVS\ .svn\'. Note the backslash after the folder names.

  • This feature absolutely should be documented in the TC help file including a sample!
  • The last filter used should be the default for the next compare operation on another folder, even after closing/reopening synch view!

Besides, there may be other files to ignore, e.g. *.o or *.obj files etc. In case of CVS there is also a file .cvsignore potentially everywhere. Just ignore these as usual by extending your filter with file names/patterns.