List of changes (version 7.01 - 7.0)

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List of changes (version 7.01 - 7.0) is a list of changes to Total Commander since version 7.0 until the release of version 7.01. The list starts at the latest change and goes back in time.

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List of changes (version 7.01 - 7.0)

(21.06.07) Release Total Commander 7.01 final

  • (21.06.07) Fixed: Shift+F4: When user leaves name field empty, start editor without name
  • (21.06.07) Fixed: RAR multi-volume: Pass multi-volume size in bytes by appending 'b' to the number

(20.06.07) Release Total Commander 7.01 final pre 2

  • (20.06.07) Fixed: When using the option ThreadFindFirst=1, switching to a network share via Ctrl+D could show the progress dialog twice

(20.06.07) Release Total Commander 7.01 final pre 1

  • (20.06.07) Fixed: Access violation after switching to tree view, then opening drive combobox in SAME panel and pressing ENTER without choosing any drive
  • (20.06.07) Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CDlabel=0 turns off the display of CD labels (and other removable drives) in Alt+F1/F2 and the drive buttonbar. Reason: Some CD drives take several seconds to return the labels
  • (19.06.07) Fixed: Lister plugins no longer worked when iviewadditionaltypes was missing from wincmd.ini
  • (19.06.07) Fixed: Lister: Select last word of a line with double click, then click somewhere else -> text cursor remained (non-blinking) at old position
  • (19.06.07) Fixed: Search function, feed to listbox: If the previous view was a custom columns view sorted by a user-defined column, re-sort the result list to match that sort order
  • (19.06.07) Fixed: Access violation in compare by contents editor when deleting text from Unicode files. The delete section must end at the beginning of a line to get the error
  • (19.06.07) Fixed: Copy progress dialog: When copying a file with very long name to the root of a network share, the name was incorrectly shortened (the \ was forgotten after the share name)
  • (19.06.07) Added: Allow user to replace also mouse cursors (e.g. for Drag&Drop) via iconlib entry in wincmd.ini (the same file which contains different file list icons)
  • (19.06.07) Fixed: FTP download from list crashes on very long URLs

(18.06.07) Release Total Commander 7.01 beta 3

  • (18.06.07) Fixed: Multi-rename tool didn't keep custom sort order of main panel where the files were selected
  • (18.06.07) Fixed: External packers not working if the TEMP/TMP variable points to a path with spaces in the name -> put path in double quotes (will only work with packer supporting long names like WinRAR)
  • (18.06.07) Fixed: Compare by content: using the scroll wheel at the end of the files could show lines out of sync if only one panel had a horizontal scrollbar
  • (18.06.07) Fixed: Switching from 1 to 2 separate trees while in right file panel -> the left tree still showed the directory of the right panel
  • (18.06.07) Fixed: 1 separate tree: When both command line and function key bar are turned off, make separate tree 2 pixels less high to make scrolling during Drag&Drop easier
  • (17.06.07) Fixed: Switch from custom view with horizontal scrollbar to thumbs view and back with the thumbs view button didn't restore the scrollbar
  • (17.06.07) Fixed: Encrypted ZIP file created with replacement wcmzip32.dll directly on floppy disk could only be unpacked with Total Commander due to bad header
  • (17.06.07) Fixed: Additional checks to ftp client to avoid that resume starts again from the beginning of a file
  • (15.06.07) Fixed: ARJ unpacker couldn't unpack ARJ files with extended header, e.g. from Linux packed with -2o* parameter
  • (15.06.07) Fixed: Search on FTP: Progress dialog would stay on screen if connection was lost during normal search (not for text)
  • (15.06.07) Fixed: Shift+Enter on EXE files inside of archives no longer worked (it should open the program via NOCLOSE.PIF)
  • (15.06.07) Fixed: Show menu below button, not at the mouse position also in dialog "Custom columns" and "Custom fields by file type"
  • (15.06.07) Fixed: cm_CopySrc/TrgPathToClip now copies the true network name instead of the display name on WinXP
  • (14.06.07) Fixed: Copy function, overwrite dialog: Option to (auto-)rename target was missing when using the compatibility mode for copying
  • (14.06.07) Fixed: Change to network drives via directory hotlist (ctrl+d) fails for some pseudo network drives (e.g. third party sftp mounted as drive)

(13.06.07) Release Total Commander 7.01 beta 2

  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Going up one level from an UNC server on XP placed the cursor on [..] instead of the previously active server name (because the name in the title was different from the name in the list)
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Footer below file panel could shortly appear in a wrong color when the quick search dialog is turned off
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: RedirectSection=0 in section [Extensions] would show up in viewer association dialog
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Separate tree panel didn't auto-scroll when dragging file over it (Drag&Drop)
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Windows XP: cm_EditPath with network computers edited the wrong name (the display name). Same problem with Ctrl+P, Ctrl+Shift+Enter or cm_copyfullnamestoclip
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: FTP: Temporary file downloaded for editing was deleted even if it was changed and couldn't be re-uploaded
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Ctrl+PageDown not working on Archive with Unicode name (Enter works)
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Search text in lister: search whole words worked differently forwards and backwards ('_' is now considered as part of name, not word separator)
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Drag&Drop to unopened TAR archive was not working
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Search on FTP: Detect whether connection was lost when trying to view a file with F3
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Duplicating a folder tab via right click menu gave the wrong tab title when the original tab was locked with dir changes allowed
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Search function, search contents: Remember trailing spaces in search string
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Quick search in separate tree: scroll item into view so at least 3 lines remain before the end of the list
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Autocomplete in start menu editor only listed folders, no files
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Configuration-Options-Thumbnails, click on "Add" button: Show menu below button, not at the mouse position
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Change attributes, click on "+": Show menu below button, not at the mouse position
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Lister: IviewAdditionalTypes takes precedence over internal image checks, e.g. when *.jpg is part of it, TC will not check whether the file has the correct jpg header
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Archives in archives: Allow to open multiple inner archives with the same name at the same time (unpack temporarily to _tc, _tc0, _tc1 etc.)
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: FTP toolbar had no frame around it on XP with turned off themes
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: ESC after cm_EditPath didn't place cursor back in file list -> post cm_focusleft/right to main window
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Wrong error message "Directory already exists" when trying to create a directory containing * or ? in the name
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Invisible tray icon if iconlib= points to 16-bit DLL on Vista, or to a file other than dll/exe on all Windows versions -> use icon from totalcmd.exe
  • (13.06.07) Fixed: Auto-complete: Entering an UNC path like \\server\ suggested paths with two backslashes after the server name

(11.06.07) Release Total Commander 7.0a

  • (11.06.07) Fixed: FTP client hangs when trying to auto-reconnect before a download, and the server has been turned off

(10.06.07) Release Total Commander 7.01 beta 1

  • (10.06.07) Fixed: External compare tool: No parameters allowed. Solution: Put program in double quotes "" even if there are no spaces in the name, to avoid that TC adds double quotes by itself
  • (10.06.07) Fixed: Do not show any tooltip window for the updir [..] file list item
  • (10.06.07) Fixed: FTP client hangs after reconnect when trying to download a file when the server has terminated the connection
  • (10.06.07) Fixed: Creation/Renaming of directories not logged correctly and not stored correctly in treeinfo.wc file in some cases