List of unreleased plugins

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This page lists all known plug-ins which are currently neither listed on nor released officially on

Packer plug-ins

File system plug-ins

Lister plug-ins

Content plug-ins

  • Attributes 1.00 Very simple but fast plug-in displaying all file attributes.
  • FileGroups 1.00 FileGroups allows you to organize file types in groups. This is useful when you want to sort by groups. The group number and the group name can be displayed.
  • Misc 1.02 Content plug-in providing a few fields mostly built on user request.
  • ShareInfo 1.00 Content plug-in providing information about shares.
  • ShellLinkProperties 1.00 ShellLinkProperties shows the most common attributes of shelllink files, also called shortcuts or links (*.lnk).
  • Volume 1.02 Content plug-in providing volume information.