List of unreleased plugins

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This page lists some plug-ins which are currently neither listed on nor released officially on

Important note: Only those plug-ins are listed here which authors have found time to register them on Wiki and post info. For more complete list containing nearly 140 unreleased addons visit this page, compiled by user XPEHOPE3KA.

Packer plug-ins

File system plug-ins

Lister plug-ins

  • ShellThumbs 1.00 Lister plug-in with thumbnail only support. Same as internal Explorer thumbs mode (very buggy --> not recommended!!!).
  • Nfoviewer 0.8 EN Plugin allows to view nfo and diz files. Support Thumbnail view, option for save as picture, block select... (author: MovieZ) Localized Versions: German version, Spanish version

Content plug-ins

  • Age 1.01 Age can be used to search for files where the file age is roughly known.
  • Attributes 1.00 Very simple but fast plug-in displaying all file attributes.
  • FileGroups 1.00 FileGroups allows you to organize file types in groups. This is useful when you want to sort by groups. The group number and the group name can be displayed.
  • IconLibrary 1.00 IconLibrary displays the number of icons in a file.
  • Misc 1.03 Content plug-in providing a few fields mostly built on user request.
  • NicePaths 1.00 NicePaths can be used to increase the readability of paths in search results.
  • ShareInfo 1.00 Content plug-in providing information about shares.
  • ShellInfo 1.00 ShellInfo provides several information on Shell objects.
  • Volume 1.02 Content plug-in providing volume information.