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Lister is the integrated file viewer of Total Commander. The default shortcut key to start Lister is F3.

Lister window

View modes

You can try to view any file in several modes, available in the Options menu:

  1. Text
  2. Binary (that is text with fixed line length)
  3. Hex
  4. Image/Multimedia, Lister plugins, RTF
  5. HTML text (plain text view with stripped HTML tags)
  6. Unicode (UCS-2, both LE and BE)
  7. UTF-8


Additional file formats can be supported in Lister using:

  • Lister plugins: Install them in the Lister Configuration dialog, you'll be able to load many non-standard formats in Plugins mode.
  • IrfanView and XnView: Check corresponding option in the Lister Configuration dialog, you'll be able to load graphics other than BMP in Image/Multimedia mode.

File sizes supported

In modes 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 Lister allows to view files of any size as it keeps only a small part of the file in memory (approximately 64 Kb), the rest is automatically loaded when scrolling through the text.

In other modes huge files are usually not supported, as Lister tries to load the whole file contents.


In modes 1, 2, 3, 4 (Plugins), 5 you can change the current font using Options menu:

  • ANSI: Windows font
  • ASCII (OEM): DOS font
  • Variable char width: User selected font

ANSI and OEM fonts can be sometimes autodetected, you can enable the autodetection in the Lister Configuration dialog. Autodetection procedure in Lister is currently very weak, so many texts in OEM codepage cannot be autodetected. This may be improved in future.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you open the viewer with multiple files, (Configuration-Edit/View), you can switch from one file to the next/previous using the keys n (next) and p (previous file). When you are viewing multimedia files or listening to sound, Lister will switch at the end of a file automatically to the next file (playlist function). With Ctrl+A you can select the whole text. You can use the cursor keys and Home, End, PgUp and PgDn or SPACE to scroll trough the text. Alternatively you can use your mouse. You can open as many file viewers as you want (and your memory can hold). All file viewers are closed when Total Commander terminates. Press F2 to refresh the content of a file.

Quick View

This command opens a separate Lister window inside Total Commander file panel. Default shortcut key is CTRL+Q. The window can be closed by choosing another drive in the file panel or by pressing CTRL+Q second time.

All Lister shortcut keys can be used in Quick View too.

If you make the Lister or Quick View panel larger and choose "Save position" command, Total Commander will use this width for the panel independent from the normal position of the separating line.

External Lister applications

  • You can also use the alternative 3-rd party application, which is very similar to Lister but has more features and some advantages: ATViewer.

Both applications, and other external viewers, can be integrated into Total Commander (Configuration-Edit/View).

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