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Version 7.02a


Screen layout

  • Show button bar
  • Show drive buttons
  • Show two drive button bars (fixed width, above file windows)
  • Flat icons
  • Show drive combobox
  • Show directory tabs
  • Show current directory
  • Show buttons for history list and hotlist
  • Show tabstop header
  • Show status bar
  • Show command line
  • Show functions key buttons
  • Flat user interface (button bar configured seperately)
  • Windows XP theme background (menu+all bars)


File display

  • Show hidden/system files (for experts only!)
  • Use long names
  • Show old 8.3 filenames lowercase (like explorer)
  • Show parent dir also in root of drive
  • Show square brackets [ ] around directories
  • Limit width of brief view column to: XX Pixels
  • Sort method


  • Always load complete directory tree
  • Tree: Press ENTER to open Dir in other window

Sorting directories

  • Always by name
  • Like files (also by time)

Help texts


Show icons to the left of the filename

  • All associated + EXE/LNK (slow, 32-bit only)
  • All
  • Only standard icons
  • No icons
  • EXE/LNK not on floppy
  • EXE/LNK not on net
  • Show icons for special folders: Normal file system
  • Show icons for special folders: Virtual folders (e.g. Network)
  • Show overlay icons, e.g. for links

Icon Size

  • 16x16
  • 32x32

Icons in main menu

  • Show icons for commands in the main menu (16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48)
  • Show 3d frame around icon
  • Show checked items as pressed buttons instead of checkmarks


  • File list font (Change font -Button)
  • Main window font (Change font -Button)
  • Dialog box font (Change font -Button)


  • Font color:
  • Background:
  • Backgroun2:
  • Mark color:
  • Cursor color:
  • Cursor font:
  • Others:
  • Lister
  • Text color
  • Background color
  • Selected text
  • Selected background
  • Link color
  • Compare by contents:
  • Differences -text mode
  • Differences -text mode (selected)
  • Differences -binary mode
  • Differences -binary mode (selected)
  • Use inverted cursors
  • Use inverted selection


Show file extensions:

  • directly after filename
  • aligned (with Tab)


  • Extension
  • Size
  • Date/Time
  • Attributes
  • Comments (fixed)
  • Adjust Tabs to window width
  • Show century in date (20xx)
  • Use 12 hour AM/PM format
  • Show directory count in footer
  • Size display:
  1. bytes,
  2. kbytes,
  3. dynamic (x k/M/G),
  4. dynamic (x.x k/M/G),
  5. dynamic (x k/M),
  6. dynamic (x.x k/M)
  • In footer:
  1. bytes,
  2. kbytes,
  3. dynamic (x k/M/G),
  4. dynamic (x.x k/M/G),
  5. dynamic (x k/M),
  6. dynamic (x.x k/M)
  • Default-Button

Folder Tabs

Folder tab headers

  • Show tab header also when there is only one tab
  • Tabs on multiple lines
  • All tabs have same width
  • Limit tab title lenght to: XX characters
  • Confirm close all tabs
  • Close tab on double click
  • Ctrl+Up opens new tab in foreground
  • Open new tabs near current tab
  • Show locked tabs with an asterisk*
  • Activate target panel when clicking on one of its Tabs
  • Always show drive letter in tab title

Custom columns

  • Configure columns for file system
  1. General
  2. other (depends on filesystem plugins)

Custom columns configurations (sort with drag&drop)

  1. Standard
  2. You can add more...


  • Change the language
  • Main menu file
  • Edit (Button)


Main program:

Conf op.png
  • Allow only 1 copy of Total Commander at a time
  • Move icon to system tray when mimimized
  • Always go to the root of a drive when changing drives
  • Open files and directories with a single click
  • Select only the file name when renaming (not the extension)
  • Auto-complete paths
  • Auto-append suggested name

Mouse selection mode

  • Use right mouse button (as in Norton Commander)
  • Left mouse button (Windows standard)

Selection (with Gray+)

  • Select files only
  • Also select directories

NTFS daylight saving correction

  • Ignore 1 hour time delay

Save on exit

  • Directories
  • Panels (brief/full, etc)
  • Old command lines
  • Directory history

Calculate space occupied by subdirectories

  • when selecting with the space bar
  • before copying/deleting

File comments:

  • Preferred type
  1. files.bbs
  2. descript.ion
  • DOS charset
  • Copy comments with files
  • Read from both


Viewer for F3

  • Internal Viewer with file under cursor (F3)
  • Internal Viewer with selected files (Shift+F3)
  • External Viewer (Alt+F3)
  • Button: Associations
  • Default: notepad.exe
  • Button: Configure internal viewer (Configure Lister)

Editor for F4:

  • (Editor): path to your editor


Copy method (for experts only)

  • Use default method only (reliable, not very fast)
Buffer size for small files:
  • Source+Target on same disk: 1024 k
  • Source+Target on different disks: 128 k
  • Also use big file copy mode (not using cache)
Buffer sizes for big files:
  • Source+Target on same disk: 10240 k
  • Source+Target on different disks: 32 k
  • The following drive letters are on the same physical harddisk (example: CDE,FGH ) CDEFGHI (Partitions on C:\)
  • Use compatibility mode for the following drives:
  • XXX Enter drive letters. eg. CDEF, or *
  • USB sticks
  • Use copy+paste via explorer (only in case of copy problems)

General Copy+Delete options

  • Copy date/time of directories
  • Use Explorer delete method (faster, cannot handle comments)
  • F8/Del deletes to recycle bin (Shift=directly)


Auto-Refresh when activating the program

  • No refresh for these drives: XXX
  • Do not remember these drives on exit: XXX

Auto-Refresh when the file system changes

  • Refresh when files are created, deleted and renamed
  • Also when size, date, or attributes change
  • Put added files at the END of the file list (default: sorted)
  • Don't &react to updates while in the background
  • Update footer (total number of files)
  • Update header (free disk space)
  • No refresh for these drives: XXX

Quick Search

Quick search (current dir)

  • Ctrl+Alt+Letters
  • Alt+Letters
  • Letter only
  • Letters - with search dialog
  • Disabled

Exact &name match:

  • Beginning (name must start with first typed character)
  • Ending (last character before a typed dot . must match)


  • 10 Number of times to retry if FTP server busy
  • 5 Delay between retries (seconds)
  • Default transfer mode:
  1. Automatic
  2. Binary (archives, doc etc.)
  3. Text (plain text, html, etc.)
  • Open new connections:
  1. in the active panel
  2. in the left panel
  3. in the right panel
  • Create a log file: (path to your logfile)
  • All uploads/downloads in background
  • Use passive mode by default
  • PORT mode: only use ports from limited range: 10000:11000
  • Compress during transfer (MODE Z)
  • Not on LAN
  • Auto-resume transfer if no data received for: XX s


Download new plugin from ghisler.com
Opens your default WEB browser with the plugins page.
Installation: After downloading the plugin ZIP file, open it in Total Commander with ENTER and follow the instructions

  • Download-Button

Packer Plugins (.WCX)
Packer plugins are used to open archives not supported internally by Total Commander

  • Configure-Button

File system plugins (.WFX)
File system plugins allow access to disk inaccessible by Windows, e.g. Linux file systems, or to external devices like Palm/PocketPC.

  • Configure-Button

Lister plugins (.WLX)
Lister plugins allow to display file formats like images, spreadsheets. databases etc. in Lister (F3,Ctrl+Q)

  • Configure-Button

Content plugins (.WDX)
Content plugins allow to display extended file details like mp3 tags or image attributes in file lists, or use them in search and rename tool.

  • Configure-Button


Thumbnails: general
Database Location (leave empty to disable caching):

  • XXX (Path to thumbnail database location)
  • Default -Button
  • Copy/delete thumbnail with files
  • Show custom fields below thumbnails (e.g. image size):
  • XXX "...more Tabstop header -details"
  • Add-Button
  • Thumbnail size: XXX x XXX Pixels
  • Fields by type -Button ..."Custom fields by field type"

Loading Thumbnails:

  • Get from Lister plugins for: *.*
  • Use Explorer method (OLE2) for: *.* | *.htm *.html
  • Get from Irfan-/Xnview for: *.*
  • Plain Text file thumbnails for: *.txt *.ini

Compact thumbnail database

  • Remove thumbnails for no longer existing files
  • Remove thumbnails for currently ejected CDs
  • Remove thumbnails for inaccessible disks (e.g. Network, USB)
  • Start (Button)

Log file

File operation log file

  • Create a log file: XXX

Log operations:

  • Copy/Move/Create shortcut
  • Delete
  • Create/Delete folders
  • Pack/Unpack/Test archives
  • File system plugins

Operation status

  • Log successful operations
  • Log errors
  • Log skipped files (when choosing skip or skip all)

Log file rotation:

  • Never (always log to same log file)
  • Every day after midnight
  • When the log file becomes larger than XXX kBytes
  1. Keep a maximum of XX log file copies

Ignore list

  • Ignore (don't show) the following files and folders:
  • list of ignored dirs / files
  • Save in: XXX
  • Add selected names with full path (Button)
  • Add selected names (Button)


  • Treat archives like directories


  • ARJ packer: (path to your ARJ-packer)
  • Use internal un-ARJ if possible
  • Pass long filenames to ARJ (ARJ 2.55 or later required)


  • LHA packer: (path to your LHA-packer)
  • Use internal un-LZH if possible


  • RAR packer: (path to your RAR-packer)
  • Use internal un-RAR if possible


  • UC2 Packer: (path to your UC2-packer)


  • ACE (> v 1.2b): (path to your ACE-packer)
  • Use internal un-ACE if possible


  • Create TAR archives for Linux (unchecked: for SunOS)

Additional packers

  • Packer plugins "Configure packer extensions WCXs" (Button)

Zip packer


  • ZIP packer: "pkzip.exe" XXX (pathto your ZIP-packer)
  • Use internal ZIP packer
  • Use ZIP-NT 2.01
  • ZIP unpacker: "pkunzip exe" XXX (pathto your ZIP-unpacker)
  • Always use internal unzipping (if possible)

Internal ZIP compression (0-9)

  • normal compression (6)
  • maximum compression (9)
  • fastest compression (1)
  • other: XX (0=none)

Directory for temporary files (internal ZIP)

  • default("set temp=" in autoexec.bat)
  • other: XXX (path)

Additional settings

  • Use 8.3 short filenames
  • Open partial ZIP files
  • Set ZIP to newest file date
  • Keep damaged files (bad CRC)


Conf misc.png

Get confirmation before:

  • Deleting non-empty directories
  • Overwriting files
  • Overwriting/Deleting read-only files
  • Overwriting/Deleting hidden/system files
  • Drag&drop (copying files with mouse)

Redifine hotkeys (Keyboard remapping)

  • Hotkey:
  1. Control
  2. Alt
  3. Shift
  4. (user defined)= F1, F2, F3 etc.
  • Alias: XXX
  • Command: XXX
  1. "Command browser" (Button)
  2. Assign (Button)

Custom sounds

  • Configure-Button
  • Only play for long operations: >(bigger than) 10 s

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