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PackSetDefaultParams is called immediately after loading the DLL, before any other function. This function is new in version 2.1. It requires Total Commander >=5.51, but is ignored by older versions.

 void __stdcall PackSetDefaultParams(PackDefaultParamStruct* dps);


  • dps : this structure of type PackDefaultParamStruct currently contains the version number of the plugin interface, and the suggested location for the settings file (ini file). It is recommended to store any plugin-specific information either directly in that file, or in that directory under a different name. Make sure to use a unique header when storing data in this file, because it is shared by other file system plugins! If your plugin needs more than 1kbyte of data, you should use your own ini file because ini files are limited to 64k.

Return value:

The function has no return value:

Important note:

This function is only called in Total Commander 5.51 and later. The plugin version will be >= 2.1.

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