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Configuration page where to set up the quickinfo settings.

Show help texts for buttons

; Don't show quickinfos on button and drives
; Show quickinfos on buttons but not on drives
; Show quickinfos on drives but not on buttons
; Show quickinfos on buttons and drives
; Delay in milliseconds, until descriptions for the buttons in the button bar are shown (default = 500)

Show volume labels/network paths for drives

Quickinfos in the filelist

Show filename in the file list as tooltip if truncated


Win32-style tips with file comments


Comments taken from files.bbs or descript.ion files cannot be hidden.

The OleComments setting is not available in the configuration dialog and must be set directly in Wincmd.ini.


Quickinfos by filetype

Quickinfos by filetype can be used to display addiotnal information on files based on the content plug-in system.


Quickinfos by filetype can be configured by pressing the + button on the lower right of the Display page in the configuration dialog. Click add in the dialog to add a quickinfo by filetype definition. The filetype selection is the same as in the colors by filetype feature. Custom filters and simple filters can be used to define a filetype. After selecting a filter press Ok to open the dialog where a quickinfo can be assembled. Use the + button to open the content plug-in repository menu and select the fields to add to the quickinfo. Use \n to add a line break. After closing all dialogs with OK the quickinfo should appear when hovering over all files matching the filter.