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  • Eraser: Tool to securely erase files (freeware)
  • Mp3ext: Show mp3 info in tooltips, properties (freeware)
  • TaskSwitchXP Pro: Alt+Tab replacement (freeware)
  • menuApp: Launch programs, music files, documents, websites etc from everywhere (freeware)
  • KatMouse: Mouse wheel enhancement (freeware)
  • New file wizard: (freeware)
  • Restoration: Restore deleted files (freeware)
  • PowerPro: compact and powerful launch bar, menu, and tray icon facility - including scripting (freeware)
  • DM2: Always on top and much more, more plugins are needed (Open Source)
  • CopyToTabs Multi-Copy "many files to many folders", can use TC's TABS and file-lists making capacities as well as TC's parameters passing (freeware) [August 2009]
  • TCC_LE: Take Command Console[1] (AKA. 4NT) much better than Windows CMD and now for free!!

Command line tools

  • TypeAndRun: Text input quick launch utility (freeware)
  • SlickRun: free floating command line utility (freeware)
  • XCD: Quickly change to a directory in Total Commander (freeware)

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