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  1. (Batch) convert files
  2. 7Zip Plugin
  3. ACDSee
  4. About
  5. Add Undo functionality similar to that in Windows Explorer
  6. Add an option for "Synchronize dirs" (with ftp and txt files)
  7. Add support for tooltips in separate tree
  8. Addon
  9. Addon library
  10. Adjustable tab width
  11. After installing Windows security update KB824141, quick search no longer works correctly. What can I do?
  12. After upgrading from Total Commander 4.0 to 4.5, the start of Total Commander takes one minute instead of 1 second! What can I do?
  13. All parameters with %L disappear if no files selected
  14. Alt-F5 is not working on my computer (with ATI display adapter)
  15. Alternate extraction interface
  16. Although Total Commander can connect to servers inside our company, it can't access servers on the Internet!
  17. Although the recycle bin is enabled both in Total Commander and on the Desktop, Total Commander deletes the files directly.
  18. Archive handling bug
  19. Attributes
  20. Auto-Hide to tray or minimize window when inactive for a preset number of minutes
  21. Auto-refresh option for opened file in Lister
  22. AutoHotKey: Explorer Directory Tree
  23. AutoHotkey: Alt-Tab fix when minimized to tray
  24. AutoHotkey: Always copy / move in Queue
  25. AutoHotkey: AppendLnk option for packing (plus: Automatically assign name for archive)
  26. AutoHotkey: Auto-Delete BAK-files created by TC's File-Compare-Editor
  27. AutoHotkey: Auto add URL to Background transfer manager
  28. AutoHotkey: Automatically assign name for archive
  29. AutoHotkey: Backspace In Drive Root Opens My Computer
  30. AutoHotkey: Close or minimize windows
  31. AutoHotkey: Copy Filename To Clipboard When Inplace-renaming
  32. AutoHotkey: Copy Selection To Clipboard In Lister
  33. AutoHotkey: Copy and Paste of Exif via ExifTools
  34. AutoHotkey: Create shortcuts keeping timestamps
  35. AutoHotkey: Duplicate starter menu entry
  36. AutoHotkey: From FileSync open another TC instance with selected files
  37. AutoHotkey: Get the ftp address as hyperlink
  38. AutoHotkey: Keyboard navigation for Background Transfer Manager
  39. AutoHotkey: Launch a putty session out of an active sftp-plugin connection within TC
  40. AutoHotkey: Launch putty or RDP sessions out of a tree-driven selection menu
  41. AutoHotkey: Launch putty or RDP sessions via a tree-driven selection menu
  42. AutoHotkey: Make shortcut file from clipboard contents
  43. AutoHotkey: Middle click opens new tab
  44. AutoHotkey: Move selected files to parent directory
  45. AutoHotkey: Paste TC's active path anywhere
  46. AutoHotkey: Popup menu for button bar or F4
  47. AutoHotkey: Popup the splitter menu
  48. AutoHotkey: Refresh the treeinfo.wc of certain drives
  49. AutoHotkey: Reset the MultiRenameTool automatically
  50. AutoHotkey: Run or activate Total Commander

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