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HeaderData is a structure used in ReadHeader.

 typedef struct {
   char ArcName[260];
   char FileName[260];
   int Flags;
   int PackSize;
   int UnpSize;
   int HostOS;
   int FileCRC;
   int FileTime;
   int UnpVer;
   int Method;
   int FileAttr;
   char* CmtBuf;
   int CmtBufSize;
   int CmtSize;
   int CmtState;
 } tHeaderData;


  • ArcName, FileName, PackSize, UnpSize contain the name of the archive, the name of the file within the archive, size of the file when packed, and the size of the file when extracted, respectively.
  • HostOS is there for compatibility with unrar.dll only, and should be set to zero.
  • FileCRC is the 32-bit CRC (cyclic redundancy check) checksum of the file. If not available, set to zero.
  • The Cmt* values can be used to transfer file comment information. They are currently not used in Total Commander, so they may be set to zero.
  • FileAttr can be set to any combination of the following values:
Value Description
0x1 Read-only file
0x2 Hidden file
0x4 System file
0x8 Volume ID file
0x10 Directory
0x20 Archive file
0x3F Any file
  • FileTime contains the date and the time of the file’s last update. Use the following algorithm to set the value:
   FileTime = (year - 1980) << 25 | month << 21 | day << 16 | hour << 11 | minute << 5 | second/2;

Make sure that:

  • year is in the four digit format between 1980 and 2100
  • month is a number between 1 and 12
  • hour is in the 24 hour format

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