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tProcessDataProc is a typedef of the function that notifies the user about the progress when un/packing files.

 typedef int (__stdcall *tProcessDataProc)(char *FileName, int Size);


SetProcessDataProc has provided you with a pointer to a function with this declaration. When you want to notify the user about the progress when un/packing files, call this function with appropriate parameters. The function itself is part of Totalcmd - you only specify what Totalcmd should display. In addition, Totalcmd displays the Cancel button that allows the user to abort the un/packing process. If the user has clicked on Cancel, the function returns zero.

  • FileName can be used to pass a pointer to the currently processed filename (0 terminated string), or NULL if it is not available.
  • Set Size to the number of bytes processed since the previous call to the function.


The keyword or constant __stdcall must be set according to the compiler that you will use to make the library. For example, this is STDCALL for cygwin and __stdcall for MSC.

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