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Names of the articles with AutoHotkey scripts

I have a general problem with all auto hotkey script articles. The article names don't indicate that they are about Auto hotkey scripts.

The same problem exists for ideas and suggestions but there a string is prepended which is not a nice solution.

Before renaming the articles we should look for good solutions for the problem. I will test if namespaces could work here. --Lefteous 09:57, 22 Sep 2005 (EST)

My idea for that is: All scripts should have as first item: AutoHotkey: Then: Name of the script"
Example: "AutoHotkey:Always copy/move in Queue" -would be show as title of the page and will seperate it clear from functions of TC. The Wiki-search will show hits with that title. Kind regards --Stance 10:29, 22 Sep 2005 (EST)

We should introduce some new namespaces. I have proposed it in our forum. --Lefteous 11:25, 22 Sep 2005 (EST)

Lefteous, what about to add: "AutoHotkey:" into each title of every script?
Would be a plus for the look and for the former function of the wiki search!
I started in the german Wiki with the missing pages.
namespaces- sounds good, hope SysOp will make it work.Friendly --Stance 13:40, 22 Sep 2005 (EST)

Rating, age, credits

I'm thinking about adding a complexity rating, credits, and create date to the scripts.
Like this:

AutoHotkey: Always copy / move in Queue by Hacker, 18:04, 22 Aug 2005, Basic

AutoHotkey: Auto add URL to Background transfer manager by Hacker, 20:58, 26 Aug 2005, Advanced short

What do you think? --SanskritFritz

Reasonable idea I think.
Sheepdog 19. Oktober 2005 17:33 (CET)

Well, I tried to categorize the scripts into difficulty and complexity levels, and finally gave up ;-) It's very hard to judge a script this way, so I just leave it to the reader. After all the title says what a script is for, and with a little experience one can tell if the task is hard to implement or it is just a basic tweak in AHK.
But at least I updated the page with the credits.
SanskritFritz 22 feb 2006

Division in sections

I think we should consider to divide all thos scripts to sections. With those 30+ scripts one looses track, IMHO.

Unfortunately I have no clue how those sections could look like. Any ideas??

Sheepdog {22. February 2006 23:57 (GMT)}

Good idea! I'm thinking about some possible categories.
Hmm, is the wiki capable to perform some dinamic operations? I mean can we sort the list by various fields, like date or wiki user? This way anyone would have at least some options to sort.
SanskritFritz 23. feb 2006

I thought of four categories and sorted the scripts into them. Lets refine it! Here is my idea:

GUI enhancements

  1. AutoHotkey: Move Quicksearch Box To Make Status Bar Visible (by Icfu)
  2. AutoHotkey: Show elapsed / remaining / total / start / finish times in title bar of progress dialogs (by Hacker)
  3. AutoHotkey: Show the active path in the title bar (by SanskritFritz)
  4. AutoHotkey: Tray Icon for TC (by SanskritFritz)

Integration with external tools

  1. AutoHotkey: Launch external diff (by SanskritFritz)
  2. AutoHotkey: Locate in TC (by SanskritFritz)
  3. AutoHotkey: Send a command to Total Commander (by SanskritFritz)
  4. AutoHotkey: Start Notepad In Lister (by Icfu)

User experience improvements

Help with the Clipboard

  1. AutoHotkey: Copy Filename To Clipboard When Inplace-renaming (by Icfu)
  2. AutoHotkey: Copy Selection To Clipboard In Lister (by Icfu)

Help with Copy/Move/Pack/Download

  1. AutoHotkey: Always copy / move in Queue (by Hacker)
  2. AutoHotkey: Auto add URL to Background transfer manager (by Hacker)
  3. AutoHotkey: Inplace rename with dialog (by SanskritFritz)
  4. AutoHotkey: Shutdown computer after download or copy (by SanskritFritz)
  5. AutoHotkey: Unpack each archive to a separate subdir (by Icfu, Icfu, Hacker)

Help with file panels

  1. AutoHotkey: Automatic directory-specific configuration / actions (by Hacker)
  2. AutoHotkey: Backspace In Drive Root Opens My Computer (by Icfu)
  3. AutoHotkey: Go To Parent Directory When Doubleclicking Border (by Icfu)
  4. AutoHotkey: ScrollLock functionality (by SanskritFritz)
  5. AutoHotkey: Simultaneous switch to next/previous Tab in both panes (by Sheepdog)
  6. Autohotkey:_Spread_Selection_with_Parameter (by Sheepdog)
  7. AutoHotkey: With Alt - \ always to root of drive (by Sheepdog)

Help with Config

  1. AutoHotkey: Switch Language (by Sheepdog)

Menus and such

  1. AutoHotkey: Makedir and file create history (by Jungle)
  2. AutoHotkey: Popup menu for button bar or F4 (by Mbirth)
  3. AutoHotkey: Popup the splitter menu (by SanskritFritz)

Automatic actions

  1. AutoHotkey: Reset the MultiRenameTool automatically (by SanskritFritz, Sheepdog)
  2. AutoHotkey: Run or activate Total Commander (by SanskritFritz)

External (standalone) scripts

  1. AutoHotkey: Close or minimize windows (by SanskritFritz)
  2. AutoHotkey: CopyNamesToClipWithoutExt (by Hacker)
  3. AutoHotkey: Combine file parts (by Hacker)
  4. AutoHotkey: Create .bat file to combine file parts (by Hacker)
  5. AutoHotkey: Create folders from filenames (by Icfu)
  6. AutoHotkey: Inplace rename facilities (by Gbo)
  7. AutoHotkey: Make a Screenshot of the current Window with Irfanview (by Sheepdog)
  8. AutoHotkey: Refresh the treeinfo.wc of certain drives (by Sheepdog)
  9. AutoHotkey: Set folder timestamp to newest file (by SanskritFritz)

SanskritFritz 2006.05.23.

Hey Partner,
Great work. Sorry for the delay, this must have been slipped through my attention. I think this is a good division and that way one can find a script that is useful.
You should change the AHK site this way I think.
Sheepdog {9. June 2006 11:43 (GMT)}

Difference between support websites and

Information about the difference between support websites and can be found here.