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Nice collection! I would save and restore the clipboard in every script. Do you want me to do it?

And one more important thing: use SendRaw instead of Send (the %variable% will be expanded)!


Hey Partner,

I think save and restore of the clipboard is an essential improvement, and you should adopt the scripts.

BTW what is the advantage of sendraw in this particular case?

Sheepdog {2. May 2006 17:05 (GMT)}

Hey, Partner

Ok, I will do it.

About your question. Consider this filename: Abc{Enter}.txt

Convert it to lowercase. Send will send abc, then press enter, thus the filename will be cropped. I can think of even more dangerous scenarios with abc{Enter}d{Del}.txt ;-)

Of course this would happen rarely, but we are perfectionists, arent we :-)



Thanks for the improvements I was hoping perfectionists SanskritFritz will do it. Next time I promise I will save and restore the clipboard and use sendraw as well ;-)

Gbo 3 May 2006 22:20 (GMT)

You're welcome :-) Thanks again for the scripts, nice ideas!