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Would you please rename this? "Features and installation" doesn't make clear that it's about your script. Thanks --Lefteous 06:11, 23 Jun 2006 (EST)

Name -conflict and so on...

Hi Majkinetor

thanks for your great program! When you rename/move? your pages, I would like to have something like:

TC Fav Menu: Screenshot with describing names of the pictures, because it is shown as a tooltip in other situations

TC Fav Menu: History History, added features

TC Fav Menu: Mini icons Where to download, how to create 12x12 icons

also, we could use "Category:AutoHotkey" instead of those "Go back: AutoHotkey" -templates

Friendly --Stance 08:23, 30 Jun 2006 (EST)

Rename this Wiki topic

Agree with Lefteous, "Features and Installation" is not the right name. The same is about "Screenshot" topic. Can they be with "TC Fav Menu:" prefix?