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Don't forget to mention to backup the Especially the cm_gotodrive? and cm_UsermenuXX entries that have to be restored after the new installation.

--Sheepdog {24. February 2006 00:22 (GMT)}

Data Files For The New Age

I regret to have to say that this set of backup instructions is looking extremely long-in-the-tooth. It's old thinking. If Vista is going to teach us anything it's self-respect, respect for our own things, our own data, our systems. Writing user-data into program folders is almost entirely unforgivable these days, and these instructions need a severe re-write, if not TC itself. My limited users will have no rights that would allow them to look into verboten folders, and none of us operate as administrators, do we...?. As for the multiplicity of scattered files.... I don't know. We wait until we have fully unified configuration, I suppose.

What can we do at the moment?