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No spam protection against Ghisler's e-mail address necessary

--White 12:00, 7 May 2008 (EDT)

Christian Ghisler himself publishes his e-mail address without spam protection on several pages, i.e. and Furthermore, his e-mail address is published at hundreds of places on the internet. So I think his e-mail address can safely be published here.

--White 06:53, 4 August 2008 (EDT)
The pages and now do contain anti spam protection code. I am not sure whether this is added not long ago or that I did not notice it before. Anyway, the e-mail address on these pages is no longer indexed by google.
Actually, at the moment the e-mail address on this (article) page is also not indexed by many search engines. It seems the wiki has added a rel="nofollow" attribute. See [Official Google Blog:Preventing comment spam] and [Wikipedia:Nofollow].
Nevertheless I will change the page again to prevent spam.

Link to 'Behaviour which will not be changed' forum

Maybe there is a some sense to add the link to Behaviour which will not be changed into the article? It contains a large collection of issues that look like bugs and even the real bugs that impossible to fix.