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--Stance 13:51, 23 May 2005 (EST) Hello, I would like to have shown:(WCX),(WFX),(WLX) and (WDX) in the headlines of the existing pages.
Don´t know if it´s possible to change titles without changes the links.
It is not so important, but for a reader maybe better. Kind regards, Stance.

Call out to plugin authors perhaps?

Tell them to add their plugins when they reach mature versions themselves? Or is this thought as an official-only list?

--AlleyKat 18:54, 23 Oct 2005 (EST)


Here could anyone announce plugin who want's to.


If you use the 'move' or 'Verschieben' Tab in the head of the line you could rename the page and Wiki would create a redirect on the old page.

Thus each links ends up in the new page.

Sheepdog 24. October 2005 08:46 (GMT)

Plugins list?

I've created different plugins list and I am thinking about adding it to wiki. What does anybody think about it?

Would it be better to create completely new page with listing or add proper tables to plugins types pages (Content, Packer, ...)?

PS. List can be seen here:

The fields which might be included are: Plugin name, filename, download... I can provide CSV file to anyone with some ideas ;)