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Hey Lefteous, thanks for creating this site. I never ever noticed this cool feature until now.

8. December 2005 15:17 (GMT)}

Forward links in Options created

I added a forward link to this page in Options#Display and here a backlink to there.

8. December 2005 15:40 (GMT)}


-Quickinfos on files

-Win32-style tips with file comments

The value for both: 1/0 is shown as (default) and should be corrected--Stance 07:34, 12 Nov 2006 (EST)

++ - makes it a bit confusing to read. And the info in the last sections are very light. I found a workable guide in Tutorials#Clo.27s_General_Tutorial -> Clo's TC Tutorials -> HLP file in under section 4. j. Plugins -> 4. Content plugins -> special Page. This guide page ("How to display the indications got out by a “*.wdx” plugin as info-texts… (by Paul Vansumsen)") explains this rather confusing concept step-by-step, and Clo's ending comment on that page certainly made my day. --AlleyKat 11:50, 11 June 2010 (UTC)