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Two questions: 1) What do you want? You are not interested in Total Commander except for consuming ideas for your own products. 2) Why did you changed the format to HTML? I wrote in the forum that I don't like this wired mediawiki syntax. No offense but your intensions seems to be a bit far from building a knowledge base for Total Commander, right?


1) I only said that I don't run windows on my private PC anymore. That doesn't mean that I don't like/use TC anymore. At work I have to use windows an I would realy be f**** up without TC. So I'm also very interested in improvements in TC.

Yes, I'm also working on an other Commander. But since Krusader is for Linux/KDE and TC for Windows we're not real competitors. On Linux everyone is happy to have an advanced graphical commander and on Windows we're all using TC. I would say we're complement one another. And since TC is, and will remain for the next time, the standart for this kind of software, I would see it as a complement if other people try to write an alternative filemanager for OS where TC doesn't exist. To quote Krusader's project starters here: "if there had been a TC for linux [year 2000] Krusader would't exist".

2) I'm sorry if you don't like my changes. If you like you can revert them, but I thought it would be an improvement since with the wikiML there is a TOC, the sections can be edited separately and the source is easyer to read/extend (ok, the later is subjective again). The next time I'll ask you before, sorry again.

But I really have to object that helping TC wasn't my intension. I think the idea of such a unified command system is a brilliant idea and I would really like to see it implemented in TC.


@Jonas Interesting - I would be very happy if you would participate in the forum as it had been years ago.

Thanks for the infos about the wikiml. Unfortunately everyone and every wiki seems to have its' own wiki syntax. In addition I couldn't find any complete documentation about wikiML. Any ideas or links?

EDIT: I found the docu in the maintime. Are you sure it's called wikiML? I still don't really like the language, but the advantages are obvious. WikiML sounds like an XML language but I hope you agree it's not :-)



unfortunately I don't have to time anymore to participare as active as I used to in the forum...

The term wikiML is only what I had in memory. I 've jsut seen that it's official called wiki markup. I've made a link to the documentation on the Main Page beside the Sandbox.

I fact it's a plain-text formating which is very fast to write and easy to read. But there are also some XML elements for containers for mathematical expressions (using LaTeX) and stuff like this.