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Template documentation

For discussion about usage of this template, see Template talk:Backlink

This template adds a thematic break (line) which on next line is followed by a text "Back to Page name", where "Page name" is a link to an article with this name.

Usage of Template:Backlink


{{backlink|link to the upper level|displayed text}}


Use as link to the upper level in the wiki

To use the Backlink template you must use two parameters. Why? In some sections the link name differs from the actual displayed name.

Use [[FAQ User Interface|User interface]] for a link to a page named FAQ user Interface which should be displayed User Interface.

The second parameter cannot be left out. For example:


is shown as:

Back to {{{2}}}

Although it works, it works not as intended. So if you want the link be displayed as it is you will have to type it twice separated with a "|" as shown above.

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