Transaction-like copy/move directories

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When a user moves one file TC does a good job: It checks the available space and if the operation is cancelled TC asks if it should delete the file. But if you move directories and choose cancel TC asks only if to delete the last file.

Example: Move C:\Mp3\Singer1 to D:\Mp3 - when cancelled user can F8 on D:\Mp3\Singer1 - not NICE Example 2:

  Job 1: move C:\Mp3\Singer* to D:\Mp3 (background, space available) 
  Job 2: move C:\Mp3\Group* to D:\Mp3 (background, space available before end of job 1...)

So when user cancel job 2 its leaving a mess in D:\Mp3 and there is no space available on the disk for job 1...

With transactional-like copy/move it will be nicer..

I don't thing about full ACID transactions :) Someone, if can, pleas correct my English, pleas...

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