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General info

My name is Tadej Persic (or Tadej Peršič to be precise), and I am a 29 years old male, born on July 13 1980. I grew up in Ljubljana (a small green town), Slovenia, which is a country located in the heart of European Union. I am an ex student at the College for Architecture (which is a part of the University in Ljubljana), while this year I will start attending the high-school for Information Technology. With regard to computers, I am interested in just about everything related to basic programming and scripting (like batch programming, Vbscript, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, ABC, etc.), while I also enjoy customizing and tweaking my operating systems (and in general tinkering with my PC to the extreme) and similar; for more about this please visit my computing-related website. I mainly use Windows XP, but occasionally I also use Linux (the Slackware linux distribution). Otherwise I like to listen to various types of music, watch movies and television series; South Park, Dilbert, Futurama, Simpsons, Star Trek, and Babylon 5 are currently my favorites. In my spare time, I also like to browse the World Wide Web (news and techy websites, post on various Internet forums), go to the nature, meet with my friends etc.

My sites/blogs

As first, here is the link to my main general personal website: (english variant), (slovenian variant), which is a general website (i.e. it's not strictly computing, nor strictly non-computing related) that basically just a some sort of a navigational website that only describes and lists links to my other websites and blogs, then secondly, the link to my main computing-related website: that deals with important computing-related things that I've discovered so far (i.e. my discoveries, hints, principles, rules etc.), thirdly, the link to clarinet instrument related website:, which as its title hints contains mostly technical and history information about the clarinet musical instrument, and a few of my personal experiences with it, and finally, the link to my main slovenian blog:, while for my english blogs see "Blogi: moji drugi" page: on my blog on Sopca website.

My user pages

Further, I will mention also various user/account pages of mine, as first, my page: on Twitter website, which is also some sort of a blog (this is called micro-blogging), then there is my profile page: on Facebook community, my personal page: on MySpace portal, and my user page: on Fubar portal. For many other such account pages rather see "my-accounts.html" page: on my main personal website.

My Wiki pages

Finally, I need to list all my user pages on Wiki-type websites. I will start with my account's user page: on english Wikipedia, then this is my user page: on slovenian variant of Wikipedia, while this is my user page: on Wikinews. There are of course other Wiki-type websites on which I mainly use a nick "Satyr-wayfarer" (that's because my nick on various forums is "satyr", while on all the original Wikis it's "Wayfarer"), and these user pages below are ordered by the date of registration. As first there is my user page: on SourceWatch website, then a user page: on Mozilla Wiki, my user page: on Mozilla Developer, my user page: on MozillaZine KB, and finally my user page: on bb4win Wiki (bb4win is a branch of Blackbox shell replacement for Windows).


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