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Hi, AlleyKat!
-About pictures: I didn´t upload pictures yet, only one by mistake...can´t help you in that case
Please take care about copyrighted material, Ghisler could get in trouble if not.
-Supported operating systems, Linux etc: I was working on the german translation of that pages and put the same ideas like yours today into the discussion of that page. Please take a look in there and add your ideas, if necessary.
-It would be great to have a page for the pocketPC Version, it´s up to you!
-Screenshots: I think About Total Commander would be the right place to realize your ideas! Please add your suggestions into there.
-Fullsize screenshot: There is a size limit for uploaded images, it seems to be impossible to have a big picture in here. But you could talk to the admins, one or two big images would be very usefull!
-Contest: A Wiki is not the right place for commercials and stuff like that. We are trying to create a knowledge base. Maybe use the forum for that idea?
I didn´t understand all of your ideas -hey, my english is not perfect-, see how important it is, to move to the right pages and use the discussion tab there? And please remember to leave us your name or signature, it is much easier to answer and faster than to look at the recent changes-page each time! Friendly--Stance 16:39, 30 Aug 2005 (EST)

Hi AlleyKat
>Hi Stance - I'm sorry, but I don't get half of your reply at all...
Sorry, I had have long time no practice in english...and I still have the same problem :)
I see in the Forum (Imagine-Viewer) you are from Denmark, one question: How is your german?

>TC logo linkpics
-now I get it, nice idea! A small "Banner?" would not be a problem, share it with us!

> but if I get the right picture of how it should be in my head, I'll leave a suggestion...
I am sure you could do more than leave your suggestions!(Which is better than nothing)

The first thing you could do is:
Edit the discussion of the Sandbox and move all your good ideas into the discussion of the sites.
I am afraid your suggestions could get lost, when you do not.

I remember doing the same mistake as you can see in my User-Talk.
icfu wrote to me:
"too much work if you need to click here and there to find out what you are talking about."

When you have knowledge about "Pocket PC" or "TC for CE" (Which I have not) please find the pages and start edit and upload pictures!
When you do your first steps, don´t care about layout or so. Just SHOW us your ideas!

Some of your ideas made their way:
Supported operating systems
Total Commander for Windows CE
Total Commander for Linux
Total Commander for Pocket PC ?
Total Commander for Windows 64-bit

Sorry for this late reply, I was logged in the german TC-Wiki (->Other Languages)
and didn´t get a message for the english user-talk!

Friendly--Stance 11:57, 2 Sep 2005 (EST)

reply :)

Hi AlleyKat,
congratulations for your User-Page. Great work!
When you add this codes to the button of your Userpage:

da:AlleyKat (Dansk Wiki Software is not installed yet...)

you will see "English" and "Dansk"(when installed) in: "Other Languages"!

On your german site you will add:


to guide back into english. So we could discuss "legally" in german.

Dansk may work in your user interface preferences, but will not work in this Wiki, because danish is not installed yet!
I hope I will find some time to check out the links in your userpage.
You know: ConTEXT editor is still a missing page... :)
Friendly--Stance 15:45, 3 Sep 2005 (EST)

Hi AlleyKat
-my mistake, Code:


Because of the ristrictions in wikisoftware the brackets where not shown, but the links were functionally!
In the field above the code is shown, but the links don´t work...
Please put the code at the very end of each page where a german/english translation exists:

[[de:Name der Seite]]
without the "Nowiki" -that means: Ignore the text between
-usefull for http and ftp that shall not work

But you follow the links and did very well!
The language categorys works very well for me, well done!
We need a very small tutorial in the TC-Wiki about the syntax, something easy for copy&paste, maybe.
You have to log into the german wiki to create your german user page. Same password...
Put the interwiki links in opposite:
In german page into english, english page into german, so "Other language" will appear!
When you didn´t get it, I could do it for you.
Please visit my user page and click edit, you will see what I mean.

Don´t know about dansk, user interfaces are shown in nearly every language,
when you can write special letters (Buchstaben, Ö etc) we could find another way
But fact is: Christian Ghisler wants a english -based wiki.
Maybe he will install other languages later.(Webspace, Backup...)

Your german user page is fine, too!
Just for sure:

[[User_talk:AlleyKat|Message to: AlleyKat]]
[[Benutzer_Diskussion:AlleyKat|Nachricht an: AlleyKat]]

Edit2: Forget about the above!
I was partly wrong! Watch my Userpage and check the code!
Some pages/links are created automatically...(Other language)
Check the User page also.

Friendly--Stance 13:19, 5 Sep 2005 (EST)


I added some "Template:User" scripts. Here in the english TC wiki completed: All englisch, german, dansk and frech language levels. Just use that code: Friendly--Stance 11:49, 6 Sep 2005 (EST)

{{babel-3 | da | en-3 | de-2 }} The link to "Translation requests" as shown 
[[en:User:AlleyKat]] in your german page will ad "Andere Sprachen: Deutsch"
[[de:Benutzer:AlleyKat]]in your english page will add "Other Languages: German"
Translation requests
da Denne bruger har dansk som modersmål.
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
de-2 Dieser Benutzer hat fortgeschrittene Deutschkenntnisse.
Search user languages

Come out and share... thx!
Edited again, friendly --Stance 10:47, 22 Sep 2005 (EST)

Hehe well, I dunno how exciting it'd be afterall, but I've at last gotten the sync page updated. Also updated slightly here, it sure cuts the tons of codes with that box, thanks. I couldn't get the interwiki user links working, but really - who cares. ^_^ --AlleyKat 20:24, 8 Sep 2006 (EST)

interwiki link

Hi AlleyKat,

I have inserted an interwiki link at your german user page. It seems to me that you are not so familar with those rather 'technical' aspects of the wiki. If there occurs a question or even if you want to have inserted a special link or anything feel free to ask me by mail.

Sheepdog {9. September 2006 12:41 (GMT)}

Thanks Sheepdog, yes you're absolutely right. --AlleyKat 08:32, 9 Sep 2006 (EST)