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I have moved your explanations here: Compare by content

I have deleted your content some seconds before you created the content at Compare by content with FTP, it was unclear what your intention was, sorry. I still don't know what you are talking about so feel free to edit Compare by content... ;)

Use the "last changes" on the left and the versions tab to see what's going on in general, also activate the advanced settings here to make the last changes look better and folded. Special:Preferences#prefsection-6

>How would I place such terms as mentioned in topic compare by content with FTP?
I am not sure if I understand that correctly. You can create headers using ==, ===, ====, ===== and ======, equal to the five HTML tags <h2> to <h6>, just check the source code using the edit tab. On the mainpage there also is a link to the MediaWiki help, it's quite nice to get a good start.