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--Icfu 13:55, 2 Jul 2005 (EST)


Please use the forum and read the help file before creating requests in the Wiki! The "queue" is implemented in TC for several years already. You can press "F2" in the copy dialog, you can use the entry "background transfer manager" in TC menu under "Commands" or you can create a button or starter menu entry using the TC command m_OpenTransferManager.



Download lnk at: File system plugins

Hi Mikeyww,
I cleaned your userpage and moved the further message into here.
When you don´t like it, feel free to delete it or use the "Version"-Tabs to recover old versions.
You placed a download link to on the Page: File system plugins.
In my mind it is not necessary to have download links on every Plugins page.
To get an idea for what these pages are, please take a look into (Other languge->German).
You could explain what a plugin is, for what File system plugins are needed and so on.
Kind regards--Stance 22:52, 8 Sep 2005 (EST)