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Missing page: Properties
Formatted "Options" to make clear what a headline is and what a checkbox.
Still missing in "Options": Version info of Total Commander. Should be placed near the headline.
Any suggesetions to show a "Eingabefeld" input field in that page?
Edited the page: Attributes, it still need some more formatting, hope you like it!
What is "Extensions to define colors by filetype"?
In my opinion it should be better placed in: Content plugins (WDX)/ShellDetails (missing).
Confused about: Extension/Plugin.
The "Sandbox" is a nice idea, maybe place a link to the working sandbox of Wikimedia?
Kind regards, Stance.

--Icfu 12:44, 23 May 2005 (EST)
The "Sandbox" is just a site you can edit, nothing more... The rest of your questions is better suited on the discussion tabs, too much work if you need to click here and there to find out what you are talking about.

--Stance 15:37, 4 Jun 2005 (EST) Ok, let´s talk:
Missing Page: Filter, what goes in there? Should be a sub-page of the also missing Search function , I think.
Internal_functions / Search function / Filter ???
See my question above: What is "Extensions to define colors by filetype", a Filter?
Especially: "IrfanView-Filter", any suggestions?
Missing page: file_windows: Is it something about panel/scope? Please write in there...
Added in the Configuration page: Command_line_parameters was I right?
Wanted: Command_line (missing), should become a subpage of Internal_functions:
Internal_functions / Command_line ???
Please write your ideas in here (auch deutsch) or under "discussion" in the missing pages.Kind regards


Hi Stance - I'm sorry, but I don't get half of your reply at all...

"-About pictures: I didn´t upload pictures yet, only one by mistake...can´t help you in that case Please take care about copyrighted material, Ghisler could get in trouble if not."

Ehhh my suggestion went for TC logo linkpics, like a 88x31 linkpic to TotalCommander - and that can never be affected by any copyrights? Other than Ghislers own. I certainly make linkpictures for my pages, for people to use on their own pages - rather something made by the page owner than something homemade, is my opinion.

"-Supported operating systems, Linux etc: I was working on the german translation of that pages and put the same ideas like yours today into the discussion of that page. Please take a look in there and add your ideas, if necessary."

OK - well I'm not much for working in Wiki I must admit, and prefer that you people 'do-it-yourselves', but if I get the right picture of how it should be in my head, I'll leave a suggestion. (Same goes for Pocket PC - but its also a question of all the elements having to be changed 'at the same time' so it doesn't look too weird.

"-Screenshots: I think About Total Commander would be the right place to realize your ideas! Please add your suggestions into there. -Fullsize screenshot: There is a size limit for uploaded images, it seems to be impossible to have a big picture in here. But you could talk to the admins, one or two big images would be very usefull! -Contest: A Wiki is not the right place for commercials and stuff like that. We are trying to create a knowledge base. Maybe use the forum for that idea?"

OK, About - yep, where ever. :) About the size for uploaded pictures, well first of all I still think the showcases should be fully approved by Chr. Ghisler before added anywhere, and second that the site team should add them - and converting to a format of smaller size should be possible, or they can add it directly to the server. And certainly, this is no place for the contest itself (I can hardly find this place anyway, and I know it's here - most don't) - I surely meant on the forums.

I agree that I didn't put it the most practical place. First of all I didn't know where would be acceptable. Second of all, its my very first wiki post, so I have very little idea about how it works (still do). But I should take the discussion in the pages themselves, thats how it works? Cause then I will, ofcourse.

And lets see if this works: --AlleyKat 08:47, 2 Sep 2005 (EST)

Thx, AlleyKat

re. reply :)

Hi Stance, first of all - go ahead in german, as long as I'm allowed to continue in english. ;) Ich spreche deutsch, aber ich schreibe es sooo sehr langsahm (und grammatisch falsch dazu), geht nicht.

About linkpic, yep... well I meant for my own pages, but I'll look into making one from Ghislers main logo if needed. I'm not very strong in the graphics department, so I kinda hoped someone else... (like, cut it from the wiki logo?) ;)

And ofcourse I can leave more than my suggestion, just not right now - I'll see to finding time for it...

And yep, I'd actually rather use the forum system for communication to be honest - wiki has its strengths, and discussing stuff with other users isn't exactly one of them. :P

But now I will add the wiki link to my links, at last. I gotta admit, its a fancy system - with danish and all. I like it.

--AlleyKat 21:03, 2 Sep 2005 (EST) etc

Hi again -

(annoyed with wiki) see, this is some of the s*** I don't grasp about wiki - the how, the where and the why. The linking system seems highly illogical to me - I tried copyin the 2 codes in your message, and it kept hiding the german one totally and didn't want to link the other one to anything but a blank page.

Also, last time I spend quite some time experimenting to put on language specification boxes like you have them - but I couldn't get it half working at all, so I dropped it again. And how do you link to your messages pages? Whenever I try linking to the other user page, the link becomes a kinda 'black hole', it doesn't show up at all. That's from german to english, and the other way.

I don't think I'll ever become a great wiki user based on my current experience with it. I find the 2 installed languages highly confusing - I set my settings to Danish, and a _lot_ of the site has turned danish (which is nice but a little confusing - 'user page' is a part of the interface and I'd expect that to be translated; its not. Main Page would I expect to be part of the page contents and not translated; the entire main menu is in danish). Nice, but confusing.

I can link to User_talk:AlleyKat but not to en:User_talk:AlleyKat ... aww forget it.

I'm of the popular php persuasion: "When in doubt - backup, then run"... :P

Any hints would be nice - and yeah, doing a context page was a nice idea. When I've found time for one in danish, I'll do it here too. :)

[ edit ] I found out about the lang 'buttons', man thats simple. I imagined some fancy system where you just placed a tag...

--AlleyKat 19:06, 4 Sep 2005 (EST)

another reply :)

Thanks Stance, I've learned quite a few things about wiki, even thou I got some way to go still. --AlleyKat 13:49, 14 Sep 2005 (EST)

Little black clock

Hi Stance,

how did you achive this little black clock.

Sheepdog {20. April 2006 16:14 (GMT)}

Hi Sheepdog!


Hi Stance,

Okay, ther it is found but how it is tzo manage that this overlay is displayed?

Sheepdog {26. April 2006 12:50 (GMT)}

Reply about languages

Thanks for adding the templates. I've corrected the text inside of them. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with Wiki system. I'm even not sure that I'm writing a reply in the correct form and on the correct page. :-) Concerning the languages: ok, I'll use the templates. I didn't know about automatic filling the categories...

--Flint 10:43, 17 Jun 2006 (EST)