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Description of settings for Total Commander's FTP configuration file, wcx_ftp.ini
(currently this page describes the settings mainly introduced in Total Commander version 6.54 or older.).

[General] General settings
Ascii=*.txt *.htm* File extensions of files which should be recognized as text files
AutoDisconnect=0 Defines what happens when the user tries to connect to another server in the same window, while another connection is active:

0: ask user (default)
1: disconnect previous
2: keep previous

ConnectRetries=20 Number of connection retries for anonymous connections
E-Mail=xyz@server.com E-Mail address, which is used as the password for anonymous connections
FtpInBackground=0 If =1, FTP transfers will always be started in the background (separate connection)
FtpShowHidden=0 1: Check the option "FTP show hidden files" at startup (1/0)
GetModeFromLocalFile=0 1: The extension of the local file determines whether the file is transferred in automatic mode as binary or text (default: extension of remote file name).
Httptimeout=30 Wait xx seconds for the response from the WEB server for HTTP downloads
LogFile=c:\Path\Log.txt Write a log file with the specified name
LogFile2=c:\Path\Log2.txt Write a log file with the specified name
PreferIPv6=-1 -1 IPv6 disabled (default)

1 prefer IPv6 for servers which support both IPv4 and IPv6
0 prefer IPv4 (normal Internet addresses)

TcpKeepAlive=0 1: Use TCP keep alive for all connections: Useful for certain firewalls/router if the connection breaks very often.
TransferMode=I Transfer mode when starting Total Commander:


UploadBlockSize=512 Size of upload buffer. On fast networks, you may try larger sizes like 1492 or even 8192
WaitDelay=10 Wait delay between two connection retries (in seconds)
WarnWrongMode=1 1: Warns when binary files are uploaded/downloaded in text mode

0: No warning (as with Total Commander 3.5x)

zlibratiobin=3 Set MODE Z compression ratio (0..9) for binary uploads
zlibratiotxt=3 Set MODE Z compression ratio (0..9) separately for text
pasvmode=0 1: Always use passive mode for new connections

0: Always use active mode

LowercaseUpload=0 1: Convert filenames to lowercase during upload

0: Upload filenames as they are on disk

[firewall] Settings for firewall or proxy server
host=localhost:80 Name and port number of the firewall
password= Password (not necessary for all firewalls)
username= User name (not necessary for all firewalls)
Method=1 Firewall method (order as in the firewall dialog box)
default=1 1: Always use Firewall for new connections

0: Do not use firewall for new connections
This option is changed automatically every time a connection is saved.

[connections] List of the configured connections shown in the Connect dialog
[OldConnections] List of connections made earlier in the dialog New Connection
[Site1] Connection details of one of the connections under [connections]
anonymous=1 1: Anonymous connection, 0: Connection with password
directory=/pub/subdir Directory on the server, which is set after connecting
localdir=c:\local Directory on the local machine, which is set after connecting
firewall=1 1: Use the server configured under section [Firewall] as a firewall/proxy
host=ftp.site1.com:2121 Name of the server, if necessary the port (separated by a colon)
password=00000000000000 Password, disguised (NOT encrypted, it's impossible by principle!)
pasvmode=0 0: Uses active mode (PORT command)

1: Uses passive mode (PASV command) - useful for certain firewalls

username=test Username for the server

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