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Web feeds keep you informed about updates to a website. The two commonly used types of feeds RSS feeds and Atom feeds, are widely supported. Use whatever works for you, which is probably both.

Subscribing to feeds is often easiest by using your web browser. Web pages can contain hidden links to feeds. Browsers offer a subscribe function to subscribe to the feeds. Current versions of Mozilla Firefox have the subscribe function hidden in the bookmark menu (only if the shown web page contains links to feeds). Other ways to subscribe to feeds are clicking on a feed URL in a web browser or dragging a feed URL to a feed reader. To manually subscribe to feeds using your feed reader or for fine-tuning your feeds you will need the URLs of the feeds.

The Total Commander forum and Total Commander wiki offer several feeds. A good way to keep track of new messages on the Total Commander forum is for example to use Mozilla Thunderbird to subscribe to forum feeds.

Total Commander forum feeds

To subscribe to a forum feed go to the forum index or enter a forum and use the subscribe function of your browser. To manually subscribe to feeds or for fine-tuning use the URLs and parameters described in the following sections.

Forum feed URL

The main link to generate a feed for all new forum messages is:

Fine-tune the feed by adding parameters (in any order) like this:


Example: http://www.ghisler.ch/board/rss.php?atom&f=3&c=500

Atom parameter

To generate an Atom feed instead of RSS feed add the parameter "atom" to the URL.

Forum parameter

To limit the feed to a certain forum only add the parameter "f=<forum number>" to the URL. You can find the forum number in the URL of the forum. Note that new forums are created from time to time for Total Commander bugs and suggestions.

Message count parameter

To limit the maximum number of messages delivered by a feed add the parameter "c=<number>" to the URL. Default: 25 Maximum: 500

Thread parameter

To limit messages to new threads only (no replies) add the parameter "t=1" to the URL.

Login parameter

To log in into your forum account add the parameter "login" to the URL. This has the following results: Dates will be corrected according to your account's preferences. Restricted forums are included too (if your account gives access to such forums). To log in automatically some clients (Thunderbird for example) allow the following format:


Total Commander wiki feeds

To subscribe to a wiki feed go to a wiki page containing a feed and use the toolbox link labeled "Atom" to subscribe to this feed. The wiki feeds are Atom feeds by default. To use RSS feeds you need to use the URLs of the Atom feeds and change the parameter "feed=atom" into "feed=rss". The following pages contain a feed: