When I start Total Commander, I get a warning within the first few seconds that totalcmd.exe is defective, probably caused by an unknown virus. However, my virus scanner doesn't find a virus!

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A: Total Commander contains a checksum function, which checks at every program start whether the program has been modified. If you receive the above message, the checksum function has detected a modification. This may have several reasons:

  1. In most cases this is caused by a new virus which is unknown to your scanner. You should immediately get the latest antiviral data for your scanner, and/or a second scanner.
  2. Total Commander is located on a (network) drive in a directory to which you only have execute rights, but no read rights. Total Commander needs read rights too.
  3. If the error only occurs from time to time, and you also have some inexplicable crashes, the reason is most probably a defective memory module (RAM).
  4. After the installation of a new version of Total Commander, it can happen that parts of the old program are still in cache, which can cause this error. After a reboot, the error should disappear.

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