When pressing Alt-Enter on some files (mostly EXE), Total Commander becomes unstable and even crashes. Why?

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A: This can happen if you have a faulty shell extension installed. If you have WinRAR 3.0 installed, you can download a fixed shell extension here. Please unpack to the WinRAR directory. The replacement DLL was generously provided by the RAR author, Eugene Roshal, and will probably be included in WinRAR 3.1. (For those who are interested, the bug is in the load/unload code of Borland C++ Builder 5.0!) If you don't have RAR 3 installed, you may try to remove some of the shell extensions until the error disappears.

To correct it, please try the following:

1. Get the free tool ShellExView:


2. Disable all context menu shell extensions one by one (you can hide/keep those belonging to Windows, they are usually OK).

3. Continue until Total Commander stops crashing

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