Separate QV for small screens, Always on top for Lister

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Separate QV for small screens, Always on top for Lister

Post by *DrShark » 2017-12-05, 15:00 UTC

Currently with Ctrl+Shift+Q TC launches Separate Quick View window in background near TC window. This feature is fine for large/highdpi screens, but completely useless on small/lowdpi screens where TC window iteslf takes all screen space.

By email I requested "Always on top" feature for Lister as an part of idea to adapt "Separate Quick View" (Ctrl+Shift+Q) for small screens (so separate QV/Lister window would be on top of TC while user could switch the files in TC panels.)

Christian said he doesn't really see advantages of this possible feature for small screens over currently implemented feature: opening Lister with Shift+F3 and navigation between files using N and P keys in that Lister window.

So I'm posting this suggestion here to let other users say whether my idea worth implementation.

BTW it's possible to vote for Always on top Lister feature suggestion here:
even if you'd just like too see this feature in Lister but don't like or care of Separate Quick View improvements.
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