Unneeded space symbol on copy/move progress

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Unneeded space symbol on copy/move progress

Post by *MaxX »

See screenshot.
Copy progress start on SD card:
Here we see unneeded space symbol between zero and %. Then it disappears for 1%, 2% etc...
The same we can get with move action (from device memory to SD card).
Important! You need slow SD card, overloaded SD card or really BIG file. Otherwise there's no enoug time to see this. I have 4 GB backups and HD videos to clearly see it. You can reproduce it the same way.

I thought it is enought, but I've tested this with MS Onedrive plugin and don't get the space symbol there.
Copy: https://jpegshare.net/images/fb/c8/fbc8d5cd47f0ec9dc35120237f4a55a7.png
Move: https://jpegshare.net/images/06/e6/06e6e8b5f76893d5ad47bbbc45956496.png

Looks like a small bug.

Sorry for some color lines, but my file names should not be in public.

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