Should F2 become the default for renaming?

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Should F2 become the default for renaming?

I don't care
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Post by *KC_ » 2012-08-13, 09:19 UTC

After several months of using TC, I finally need to unlearn doing a Shift+F6 on Excel :lol:
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Post by *jphendriks » 2013-05-29, 18:13 UTC

Shift-F6 should become the default in Explorer instead.

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Post by *m^2 » 2013-05-31, 18:33 UTC

I find it amusing for how long can such discussion last. It's nearly 10 years already. :)

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Post by *Vankog » 2013-09-13, 03:11 UTC

Oh yes, after 10 years F2 would be great.
It is so much faster and easier to reach than hitting Shift+F6.

I use F2 everywhere...

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Post by *Stefan2 » 2013-09-13, 06:11 UTC

Since this old thread is dusted-off again,
here again a how-to to enable the F2 key to start renaming:

Edit your wincmd.ini and add this under [Shortcuts]

F2=cm_RenameOnly ;Enable 'F2'-key to start inline-rename mode, additional to origin 'Shift+F6'


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Post by *j7n » 2014-04-25, 14:15 UTC

Among the first things I change in a new install of TC, when copying over the old configuration is inconvienent, is to set the keyboard to "Windows"-style. F2 for renaming. F3 for search. F5 for refresh. Then also Ins for make directory (from Power Desk Explorer), Windows surprisingly doesn't have an analogue for this very common action, at least in NT5.

So, could there perhaps be two or three key presets as a listbox or set of radio buttons in Configuration/Misc: "Windows keyboard", "DOS keyboard" and "Manager X style keyboard", to quickly set the style with one command without redefining each key separately?

The missing functions in "Windows" could be brought from Windows-native file managers or typical classic Windows software.

P.S. I have used DOS software, but relied on and dynamic Function status toolbars to suggest the unintuitive keys.
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Implement only for new users?

Post by *bramreem » 2014-05-09, 00:12 UTC

Although I am now used to Shift-F6, I think F2 would be a good choice for renaming. If I recall correctly, F2 was already in use for renaming or editing in some DOS programs.

Personally, I seldomly use Refresh, since TotalCommander refreshes automatically when the program is activated or the file system changes. Perhaps, the people who use Refresh often, have unchecked some of the Auto-Refresh options?

It seems, the discussion has become much broader than originally intended. Proposals about a larger overhaul of the hotkey settings would better have their own thread, IMHO.

Wondering why this change was not yet implemented, 10 years after the start of the poll, I found the following by Christian, posted Mon 27 Mar 2006 on 5:33 pm: "I'm still worried that I will get a lot of e-mails when i change this. I did already for changing Ctrl+T from Multi-Rename-Tool to creation of a new TAB, and I fear that the F2 change would cause even more problems..."

A solution for this fear would be to have the change only for new users, not for people upgrading to a newer version. Maybe the upgrade installation program could read the INI file, see if the user has changed the setting for Shift-F2, and if not, ask the user if s/he is OK with the change.

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