Introduce my lister plugin for ESRI Shapefile quick view

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Introduce my lister plugin for ESRI Shapefile quick view

Post by *gepcel » 2018-03-13, 02:49 UTC

I wrote a lister plugin for shapefile quickview.

Please checkout at

Or (more detailed information):

How to install?
This written in C#, so you might need to install .net framework(>4.5.2), and .Net Interface 1.4 ( first.


1. Accept a collection of files as a single shapefile, like `.shp, .shx, .dbf, .prj, .sbn, .sbx, .shp.xml`. You don't need to carefully select out the specific `*.shp` file to view.
2. View the feature geometry in the `Map` tab, with the following tools:
* Pan to move (Shortcut: H, the default when lister first opened)
* Select to ZoomIn, ZoomOut (Shortcut: +\-)
* Mouse wheel to zoom in and out
* Identify features (Shortcut: I)
* Zoom to Max Extent (Shortcut: E)
* Select tools (**Not implemented yet**)
3. Show the projection at the bottom of `Map` tab if there's any.
5. View the attribute data in the `Data` tab.
6. x64 supported.

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